Tuesday, December 16

Loner’s Paradise

Howz it going people?!

I’m gona play the role of a middleman today; bringing you info on different topics from different sources. (Of course, with explanatory prose and my own musings... Would “Life” be complete without it?!!)

promised yesterday, here are some lines from The Dark Holds No Terrors that struck a chord with me...

- We can’t pick up life, or relationships, where we left them. People change, life changes. Nothing, not even the same situation or the same person, are identical, at any two given points of time.

- Things that you don’t know, that you’ll never know, always have a significance they don’t really merit. Like when you are dreaming about crossroads. You are eager to find out which way you took, what happened next, what lay at the side you didn’t take, and so on... And the thought continues to bother you long after you’ve woken up and started your routine activities.

- I’m going to get away from this house, this paradise of ... (linen and comforts)... this hell of savagery and submission. But what if I carry my own hell within me? Then there is no hope for me at all! (Coz after all, how do you escape your own private hell?!)

- Whoever said keeping mum saved a relation?! (Yeah, maybe when one is angry, the emotions should be delayed and restricted.) But, silences sure ruin a relationship. They grow from an unimaginable nothingness into something so insidious and unremitting; as huge and insurmountable as Jack’s beanstalk. Each time something happens and you don’t speak, you are putting another brick in the wall of silence. Majority of relationships reach a nasty end thanks to unspoken words and unshared feelings. You’re not preventing hurt and tiffs by remaining mute; you’re only adding fuel to the fire that burns inside. Which could possibly be doused by the verbal expression that you deemed unfit.

- A desire to let go, after all these years... To put yourself in another’s hands... To be protected and pampered. Not to have to worry about anything as long as the (competent) partner’s there to take care of you and make everything right. All you need to do is hand over yourself, obey, follow, no need to think or decide or fret over anything... What a life that would be!! But then, there are so few people that can shoulder burdens, even their own...

- White, soft, clean hands – For a married woman with two kids, are they worthy of vanity or self-contempt?

- And this one’s special... The moment I read “...unloved resentful, ignored Saru...” I just broke down, couldn’t control the spate of tears.

Is it because I’m in this miserable state that I’m identifying myself with the protagonist, or is it something else?!! Am I on the verge of insanity and depression? I’m dissatisfied with everyone, coz maybe I’m unhappy with myself... I’ve realized the trouble is inside me, and nothing outside needs to be changed really, for me to be calm and content...

But, I’m sure God made me this way for a particular reason. And I’ll stand by myself. I’ll not abandon me like so many others did. I’m certain they had their own reasons, and I don’t hold it against them. But, I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt either.

Uh uh... Enough of wallowing in self-pity and remorse. Leme share with you some wonderful lines by our politicians in response to the terrorist threats and attacks, quoted by the TOI, sometime last week:

Are non-state actors coming from heaven or are they coming from another planet? They are operating from the territory of a particular country. – Pranab Mukherjee, External Affairs Minister

Not an eye for an eye. But for an eye, both eyes. For a tooth, whole jaw... Please stop running to Mummy (US). – Arun Shourie, BJP

People who have done this should understand very clearly... not only do we hold lives of our people highly, but there is a cost to killing innocent Indians. – Rahul Gandhi

Whatever steps you take which would help win the war on terror, my party and NDA will support them. – L. K. Advani, Leader of Opposition.

Looks like there’s hope and good times in store for all of us. Lets see how much of it actually bears fruit... (Talking about fruit, I can’t get over
my sexy apple! Wish I could actually show it to you!)

TOI also had a highly entertaining column on the top 20 faux pas made in the advertising industry. Loved it! A few hilarious ones – Fox Pass (number 20), Be Rest Assured (19), Writing Block (15), We’ve CASTED her in the FLIM as a BRAAND (10, 9 and 8 respectively), 4 USPs (7), and number 1 was GRAND PRICKS... Hehe...

We’re halfway through December, and I’m wondering what I’ll be doing for New Year this year. My instinct says I’ll be celebrating indoors, but I’m not too sure. Would love to go partying, but I hear Pune’s on the “hit-list” this season. Beware, pretty pubbers...

Trying to race my memory – I welcomed 2008 at Manali Resorts, 2007 at Corinthian, 2006 at Mahabaleshwar, 2005 at Pyramid, 2004 at Splash Mountain, 2003 at Pancard, and then it’s all a blur. Not bad, eh? 5 years is a long time. I’m told Amir in Gajhini forgets things in a matter of minutes! The story revolves around this killer who wants to avenge the murder of his lady love. And apparently, Jiah Khan (“Nishabdh”) is doing an item song in the movie (?!!!) Weren’t item numbers supposed to revolve around sexy, sultry sirens? What Jiah seems to need is a good wash and scrub...

Well, mera kya jaata hai?!! Apun ko movie and popcorn se matlab!!

Take care, fellas!

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Sibi said...

Hello princess,The princess of happiness n joy,how u doin today?Nice lines haan in the blog..Ya we all are prisoners of our own identity.We can come outa anything and everything except our own self..And tats y we encounter the up's and down's in life.Some times in life we r rite sometimes we r not.Its all bat understanding life and assuming we are not god and we are bound to make mistakes and swing in between happiness and sadness.Now tat u can call as prisoner of humanity.Well if somebody in a relation is silent the other person neeeds to find out the reason behind the silence,after all a relation is like a bridge,should be both ways not one way.Nice post..I l give u an award for it...
Have a nice day ahead...

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