Wednesday, December 17

Coffee-Time Blogging

Coffee and blogging, two things I’m crazy about!

Be it the lip-smacking Frappe at Dorabjee or the mouth-watering hot coffee at Pimpri Medical, the yummy cold coffee at Durga near MIT or the delectable beverage at Zaika near Symbi, the tasty thirst-quencher at Model Colony or even the Cappuccino/Latte/Espresso at ritzy coffee bars.
Hot or cold, I love my cuppa. A weekend without one is a weekend gone waste. (Waise I also like my mom-made adrak-tulsi chai, but that's weekday bliss.)

So, well, coffee... I dunno much about brews and origins, but I know I love my coffee and I know
coffee beans are horrendous to taste. And that I like coffee better outside than the one made at home. (Maybe it has to do with the entire experience – the mug/glass, the people around, the waiting/drinking/looking around/chatting, the surrounding hullabaloo, music and the like.)

Of course the ambience at expensive coffee shops is agreeable, but their expensive ware can kill desire. I can affirm without vacillation that the coffee at Barista sucks, though being there is kinda interesting and fun. CCD used to be relatively low-priced a while ago, but now, the value outdoes the worth. I still
enjoy a Devil’s Own and Mochachillo there sometimes, but not if I have other options. (My pet preference “Café Coffee Break” shut shop a few months ago, and that has rendered me a little upset, but I’ll always remember the cute and familiar setting, the lovely, decent-priced Mochachillo, and you too, Victor!)

Coffee is synonymous with “cool”. Rampant among college-goers and young professionals, the coffee culture reigns supreme! Spending hours over a cup of coffee, meeting old friends, listening to latest tracks and discussing everything under the sun, are all tantamount with “wassup this weekend!” As the Mocha tagline very pertinently reads – Coffee and Conversations.

(By the way, heard the Mocha on Law College Road closed down due to encroachment issues and financial losses. I’m not complaining! Hated the service and crowd there. KP’s much better. Hi, Gilli!)

Did you know that coffee is one of the most researched topics in the world?!! Some say it cures cancer, some claim it causes a weak heart. To me, coffee stands for “fun”, coffee stands for “relaxation” and coffee stands for “me”.

My other obsession, blogging. I’m sure THAT needs no introduction!!

The web log is a powerful medium of communication, indeed! The other day I read that someone from Mumbai blogged about his outrage at the Mumbai terror attacks and the Indian Government’s helplessness. He mentioned he would be standing at the Taj one evening, and people could join him if they so wished. Lo and behold! It turned out to be a full-fledged rally, and made headlines! Great going, buddy! And keep it up, bloggers! Proud of you!!! (Indiblogger has also flagged off a campaign; I’ve joined the brigade. Cheers!)

Surfers arrive at my blog is weird and funny ways. Like one person googled “list of gays in Pimpri” and reached my page. (Sorry to disappoint you, mate!) Another was searching for transport/accommodation in Diveagar (which I didn’t really explain when I was describing my Konkan trip), others land here looking for
Ramraksha and Shantaram.

The above info comes from my
Feedjit, and it’s fun to see the footprints visitors leave behind. Folks from more than 30 countries around the globe have been to my blog. And it feels great! To enumerate a few apart from the US, UK, India : Philippines, Mauritius, Norway, Turkey, Malaysia, Portugal, Germany, Australia, Norway, Russia, Italy, Tanzania, Serbia, Japan, Luxembourg, Canada, Macedonia, China, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, Senegal, Jordan, Vietnam, Brazil, Thailand, Egypt, Chile, France, Uganda...

Wonder when I’ll be able to actually set foot myself on their soil! Sucha splendid dream eh, to travel the entire world!! (Note readers, I wouldn’t mind visiting ya sometime. Just send me the air-ticket and I’ll be there!!)
May I take this opportunity to thank Ranu who has so kindly bestowed me with the Blogger award!! I don’t really know 8 blogs that I can pass on the same to, but leme try... There's Saiyona then there's Bitchcakes and Anju and ya, Swashbuckler and how can I forget Tia... Love your writing, fellas!! Yours, too, Ranu! (Dunno if I can return the award to you... But it's sure nice to see you back with a bang with a flurry of new posts!)



saiyona said...

well there are so many posts... i m gonna take a lot of time to finish this...cheers!

Princess said...

Hehe @ Saiyona! Take ur time, and do leme know how u feel abt thm.


Sibi said...

Hey thanks for mentioning pimpri in yo blog..bhag khul gaye pimpri ke toh boss...And long live the coffee wala at medical..Loved all yo description bat diff places n diff coffees.Well m also a coffee freak but like mainly coffee made by mum.I don't drink tea unless its garam garam adraki made by u..Well u seem to have got an award for yo blog..Don't know much bat tat but surely u deserve it..Have a nice day..Byeeeeeeee.

Princess said...

ur mum makes gud coffee kya? u never told me... gud ya... meri mummy bhi acchi banati hai but wo milky hoti hai and quite mild... arre height matlab bachpan mein mummy merko chai ke bahane chai ki patti mein se doodh strain karti thi, kya na... these mums i tell u... smart women!!

i hate plain doodh!! ughh... how do they drink plain milk in movies and abroad?!!

Sibi said...

I am ur partner if its bat hating plain doodh..oh my god i jus hate it..Ya my mum also makes it milky if m not with her at the time wen she puts in coffee..Ya mums are very smart.Smart for our good..So wen can i drop in for a cuppa hot adraki chai???

Princess said...

Smart toh tum bhi kam nahiiiii...

hehe... soon...


Sibi said...

m doin some translations and so i thot i i translate the last pic in this post...It says-This blog invests and believes in Proximity..

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Hi Lonely Princess, thank you for mentioning my blog- I'm glad you enjoy it!

swashbuckler said...

I entered Blogsville after almost 3 months and what do i see?? A Blogger award!! Thanks a lot Anuja...
And you've got some great posts out here.. but it will take a long time for me to read thru all of it... :-)

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