Monday, September 21

Wassup Doc?

Id Mubarak!

(And a very warm hug to my new followers... Thanks for the interest, buddies!)

Why can't the week begin on Tuesdays? I work full days 6 days a week, so one Sunday is hardly enough to offload all my stress, complete personal and pending chores and rejuvenate myself. Bother bother!

Hey, despite the swine flu fatalities, people seem to be calm and social again. The devi temples are bustling with people for Navratri, and folks have thrown caution to the winds. The first weekend after the outbreak was nothing short of phenomenal. Chalo accha hai, logon ke mann se darr hutt raha hai… But I hope the virus comes under control now. New stocks of Tamiflu have been known to reach the market, and hopefully the vaccine will be ready and available before the virus disappears by itself.

There have been some very disturbing news lately. One was the death of Andhra CM YSR Reddy. What was more disconcerting was the mass suicide that took place bcoz of Rajasekhar’s sudden demise. What a fanatic population the South has! Of course, I know Westerners also do the same when their idols pass away… Either way, I don’t approve of it. A person lives his/her life, and departs when his/her time is over. That is no reason for another individual to cut short his/her life. If God had wanted it that way, He would have made sure they died at the same time…

And I don’t just mean physically. There are also cases when someone near and dear dies, and another person finds it hard to go on without that person. I understand it’s not easy to start afresh and live life as if everything is normal, but one has to try. Just think about it this way – would the dead individual (who I presume loves and cares for you), want you to suffer and lead each day sorrowfully? Would he/she up there be happy to see you crying and upset? My guess is no… Yet one could also argue that the dead person would be glad to know that the living person still remembers and misses him/her. All a matter of perspective.

My neighbor (whose hubby expired a few months ago, told you about that) is an lively and enthusiastic lady. Not once have I seen her morose and miserable save for the first week after she entered widowhood. We admire her strength and practicality, and I so wish that we were all as gifted as her… Another person I know - Abba’s friend and a doc by profession – has made it amply clear that no one is supposed to cry at his funeral. He wants everybody to just meet up, have a few drinks, remember him with joy and love, and have a good time. That’s the way to be, man!!

(I am not sure I want my loved ones to move on immediately after I die… I don’t want them to weep all day either, but I would surely like it if they miss me in their happy and busy times… I’m being honest, and that’s good, right?!)

By the way, I finally caught Final Destination 4 yesterday. Saw it in 3D at E-square. Watta gross movie! I mean it's done fabulously, but the picturization and imagination of the creators sure gives me the creeps. How can people cook up something so ominous and foreboding? The movie shows bloody intestines and cracked eyeballs and what not... I haven't seen the first 3 parts, and I don't want to either... Why watch a film that only has a series of dirty deaths for 90 minutes straight? (That didn't affect my popcorn consumption though... Caramel popcorn could make me rise from the dead.)

Anyways, too much said about death and grief. Leme share some cheerful news about Sachin Tendulkar, Leander Paes and Kim Clijsters. Although I am not an avid sports fan, I was jubilant when I read about the stupendous achievements of this threesome. Little Master hit his 44th ODI century in the India-Sri Lanka match on Monday and Indians went wild hailing and praising him across FB, Twitter, in person and everywhere else. I mean seriously, people REALLY love him. The most amazing quote I’ve ever come across in my life, the biggest appreciation ever, is when Matthew Hayden said, "I HAVE SEEN GOD, HE BATS AT NO. 4 FOR INDIA"

Leander Paes is no less in tennis. His 10th Grand Slam win came with Czech partner Lukas Dlouhy, incidentally against another stalwart pair Mahesh Bhupathi and Mark Knowles. Way to go, man! And cheers to the woman… Supermom, as TOI aptly titled her... Kim Clijsters became the first woman since 1980 to win the Grand Slam singles title after childbirth. Hats off to these sportspersons and their tenacity!

TV shows are not far behind when it comes to testing strength. The persistence of a few women celebrities is being tested in the TV show Khatron Ke Khiladi (season 2). Akshay Kumar is the host again and the location remains the same as last time, South Africa. The tasks are weird – right from putting your head in the same pot as 4 octopuses to walking atop a racing truck on the highway. The contestants are not excellent, though, which disappoints both the viewer as well as Akki “Sir”.

The other show that will test couples is called Pati, Patni and Wo where the husband-wife will have to take care of a toddler. Drama queen Rakhi Sawant (who has the b*lls to call herself “Lady Amitabh Bacchan”) is part of the cast as is her Swayamvar-partner Elesh Parujanwala (no, they haven’t tied the knot yet, and I doubt if they ever shall).

As if that wasn’t distressing enough, there came the news about the stone-pelting at Rahul Gandhi. I am shocked by the teenage boys who are believed to have done this. What is to be gained by this immature behavior? Did the boys think they were imitating Amir Khan in Rang De Basanti when they planned to carry out this stupid act? I don’t know much about politics and politicians, but I sure am against any kind of violence. Be it the attacks by China or Pakistan on India, or this domestic terrorism. Aggression and bloodshed is not the solution, folks!! We aren’t born humans for nothing…

By the way, the awesomest news is that all of the candidates of my Wipro Academy got selected! My boss, manager, colleagues, students and the Wipro executive were all ecstatic and full of appreciation. This is a record, dudes and dudettes!! I'm super pleased... Touch wood!!

Have a good week :-)
(Lucky you if you gotta holiday for Eid...)

Love Luck Laughter,

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