Tuesday, September 1

Chhod Aaye Hum Wo Galiyaaa...

Why do people resign?

I mean what makes them give up the comfort and predictability of their current job and look for new opportunities?

Monetary issues? Hmm, could be...

The desire to do something different? Maybe it is indeed the familiarity that they want to escape... Highly probable.

Lack of growth? Possible...

Ye know what I consider the most important reason for resigning? (Or reasons, I should say.)

The absence of support, respect and appreciation.

I know because I have quit my previous job for the very same reasons. I hated the fact that there was no acknowledgement of my good work, but bucketloads of criticism for a single thing done imperfectly. I detested the insensitivity of the employers towards my needs and concerns. Granted it paid better than what I make today, but here I atleast have hope for growth and promotion, both in terms of money and position.And bharose pe hi to duniya kayam hai... Right?

So why am I talking about this today? Coz one, I complete a month at my new workplace. (Thanks!) And two, 3 people put in their papers last week.

You guessed it. They felt unappreciated, disrespected and unsupported by their team and leader.

The fact that I didn't know who to believe despite hearing both parties involved did not alter the fact that I was surprised and sad (coz I quite liked two of the three females who were leaving). Besides, this exodus was quite unexpected, and I wasn't ready for such news in my very first month of joining.

From what I've seen, heard, learnt and observed so far, money is NOT the primary issue behind most people's decision to quit their jobs, though it is the reason cited the most often. Yes, professionals in the 21st century can't work for peanuts, but they sure won't jump for a few extra bucks if the current position satisfies their basic needs and a couple of non-basic ones. We prefer working with people we know and like, and we enjoy our usual work and fun. Trust me, quitting is not our first preference if things can be set right.

What we attribute as more significant is the amount of respect and support in the organization. Lets accept it, we are smarter than our previous generations, who relied more on hard work than "smart" work. We are more intelligent and resourceful than most seniors. For us, innovation and efficiency are more valuable than fixed working hours and pre-determined policies/processes. We are willing to dedicate all our time and effort for the end we believe in, and contribute to our team and organization. Technology, advancement and modern education have helped us in this endeavor, but nothing can undermine the fact that Gen Y-ers are a talented and promising lot.

But don't overlook the fact that we are also tremendously self-respecting.

Be it at home or at work, in professional or personal relationships,we cherish our self-esteem and we cannot bear to be taken for granted or to be insulted.

I am not hiding the fact that we youngsters (or young adults, whatever suits) are short-tempered and tend to pull the trigger a tad hastily on a few occasions. We are also highly ambitious, and the volume of our "needs" may color our perceptions about our worth and contributions. However, those in command ought to remember that nobody's perfect and for everyone, there are a couple of points that are non-negotiable. These include respect and acknowledgement more than any remuneration or incentive.

A good package can make quitting a little difficult, but when it comes to self-respect, we usually prefer not to compromise. (Given the recession, we might hang around a bit, but rest assured that when the right opportunity presents itself, we shan't waste a moment.)

You want to give negative feedback, bring it on. Constructively.
You want to tell us just how useless and tiresome we are, go ahead. Politely.
We can listen to anything, as long as it is framed positively and delivered objectively.

(And ya, please be ready to listen to our side of the story, too.)

But yell at us, and the best of your pleas and intentions shall fall on deaf ears. Because our minds are busy analysing the intensity of your volume and the harshness of your words. And then we hear nothing else. Even if at times we choose to forgive, we never forget...

When it comes to appreciation, I recommend a course in psychology for all current and potential professionals. The reason behind this suggestion is that a lot of people measure their worth, success, happiness and value at the workplace by assessing the quality and quantity of praise they receive from their supervisors and subordinates. It is EXTREMELY important that we be credited and appreciated for a job done well.

And it is only fair (given that you leave no stone unturned in beating the shit outta us when we goof up).

Finally, empathy... How can we forget that? No, I don't mean sympathy. I hate pity. But I sure admire those who can understand others' (genuine) problems and situations. If the boss can take leave coz his son's got a cough, then why frown at the employee who decides to take the day off because his mother had a fracture? Trust and support make people come together, be it in love or friendly relations, or in a functional team or department.

Mind it.

Do you already lead a team at work? Got a promotion on the cards? Well, this is for you, then... You gotta be a family at work, ladies and gentlemen. Not the cribbing and persistently fighting kinda families, but those that stand by each other and celebrate being together. If progress is your aim, there can be no substitute to the above, can there?

Not that I know of...

Love Luck Laughter,
Working Princess

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Vinay said...

There's a saying (actually, someone in my previous workplace said this)

People do not leave the job, they leave the manager!

So, many times it is due to these p2p friction that causes people to leave their jobs. Other reasons are, lack of growth, saturation in the hierarchy, etc.

Princess said...

Indeed, Vinay. I've heard that one too about leaving the manager. And it's SO true!!

Thanks for commenting :-)


Tall Guy said...

A very well-written post!!

I am sure many disgruntled employees can relate to this.

Hope the bosses are listening...

Jayanthi said...

neat flow of thoughts put in a very sensible way .

ani_aset said...

captured it pretty well anuja :)
If only bosses realize

Sibi said...

I wish my boss read this blog and take it in the same manner as i did and understood your and all this new generations intentions abt working.Realy liked this post coz this is something that has been on my mind and didnt come out and it feels as if you did this for me and for many more of Gen y's.Awesome, this had to be selected by blog adda..Congrats..As i said, there are many more to come.

Princess said...

@ Survivor - Your wish is as good as mine... The way employees are treated HAS to change. Bahut ho gaya!!

@ Jayanthi and Ani - Thanks folks :-)

@ Sibi - Boss ko mera blog link pata hai na? ;-) Just tell him to check... and I'd really appreciate his comments :-P

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