Thursday, September 3

Movie and MTV Mania

I used to be extremely proud that I never regret anything in my life.

Alas! I cannot say that anymore…

I watched Kaminey, and even the recollection of it stings and pinches like a thousand scorpions.

My bro and bhabhi took the family for what is undoubtedly the shittiest movie I have seen in a long, long time. Thanks, but no thanks guys. Thanks for saving my money (you saved quite a sum, too, courtesy Vodafone Tuesdays at E-Square) but no thanks for this suicidal torture. Which godforsaken brainless morons gave this shit-pie 3 and 4 star ratings?

I thought Shahid, apart from being a brilliant dancer and a notable actor, was also good at choosing interesting scripts. Now I seriously doubt it. Ditto for Priyanka. The babe has nothing to do in the movie except bawl and howl and weep and shriek. She does speak very cute Marathi, but then if all I wanted to do was listen to Marathi, I’d just hop to my next-door pakka Marathi bamman neighbors and lounge around for an hour.

Point noted. The main actors suck. What about the story? Who are the kaminey thought this film would be good? I’m going to make no bones about the fact that the direction, editing and storyline is exceptionally shoddy and the rapid pace is a poor excuse for scenes that are shot are weird angles and have no coherence to say the least. Come to think of it, what was the significance of the absurd massacre at the end? How do only the actors emerge out of this carnage alive? Why are there countless characters and innumerable twists in the movie, none of which make a lasting impression? The broth stinks… Kaminey crew, please note - Nothing can make up for the absence of a good plot.

The less said, the better, I suppose. The only moment I had a hearty laugh in the theatre was when a tiny tot yelled “Bhope” (the villain’s name, if I’m not mistaken) out of sheer frustration. I was yawning throughout the film, as was everyone else, and waiting for the torment to end. Need to catch a movie soon now to get rid of the memory of this one.

(Rating?? Do I STILL have to spell it out? This is a sure-shot negative. DO NOT WATCH THIS if you’re in your right senses. Better watch Life Partner instead, as I hope to do sometime.)

I also have my suspicions about the senses of the participants and creators of the Pulsar Stunt Mania show on MTV. These guys are bizarre!! The things that they do!! Oh shucks… As much as I enjoy watching all those perilous stunts, I sure get goose-bumps when they are made to do something especially outlandish. Such as riding a bike while seated on the handle (what is called “high chair” in stunting lingo), 100 feet above the ground on a single, thin, wet, metal plank. Or jumping into the sea after climbing an incline and passing between the obstacles placed on a truck. Freaky, right?!!

All in all, I’ve learnt a few things about stunting through this show, and this encouraged me to look up the web for more. (There’s SO much more to this than what was shown in Dhoom!) Here are a few pictures that I found online… (Obviously the second one is my favorite!!)

I’m a fan of Pulsar Stunt Mania (despite the unbelievably ugly and crude anchors of the show). I’ve seen the contenders do amazing Wheelies (Basic, Single-hander, 12 o’ Clock, Seat Stander), Stoppies (Basic, Tank, Switch-Back Tank), Human Compass (Basic, Singe-hander), Zero Circles (Switch-Back), High Chair, Eagle, High Chair Eagle, Pillion Christ… and so many more. While these may seem just names to you, I bet you’ll go bonkers when you see the actual videos. Here’s the link!

(FYI - Javed and Handa are now in the finals. Adil was cute but he got eliminated in a crazy sand stunt)

Hey, I didn’t tell you that Airtel MTV Connected is now over - the show where twins fight it out to prove themselves the most “connected” in the country. A girl-pair won it, and I’m so happy for them!! Of course, I’d have liked it if Naomi and his twin had gone a little farther…

There’s this other show that’s recently begun, also on MTV. It’s called Rock On, and the makers are trying to locate a rock band consisting of members from around the nation. The talent you see on these shows ranges from dreadful to dazzling, and I am personally fond of the drummers and vocalists. And of course, those marvelous people who make different sounds with their mouths. Whatta gifted voice-box, fellas!

It’s Ganesh Visarjan today. This year, the celebrations were fairly subdued due the swine flu pandemic. Yet, Ganesha stayed with us for 2 extra days, else he normally departs on the 10th day. He loves us all :-)

And do you know that he loves me a lot more?!! I got a freaking 6 on 6 in my AWA section of the GMAT!! I was ecstatic when I got the official report online, because I was aiming for a 5 or 5.5 at max, and the 6 on AWA is much better than an overall GMAT score of 750!! Cheers!!!

By the way, it was Onam yesterday. Happy Onam to you all :-)
And it's Teacher's Day on the 5th. So, do make it a point to wish your trainers/teachers or whoever you consider your mentor...
(Hi Bhanu and Snigdha, Happy Teacher's Day in advance!)
(And all my Abhinava Vidyalaya, Fergusson College and Pune University - Psychology Dept professors... Love you all!)
(Hope to add Kellogg / New York Stern to this list soon!!)

Well, for that to happen, I must get my applications ready and submit them before mid-October so that I stand a good chance at being selected at my chosen B-Schools... High time I start working on my essays. Wish me luck, readers. And if there’s anybody out there who can help me with my applications, PLEASE SOS!!!


6 comments: said...

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ani_aset said...

haha i'm surprised as to why you did not like it :)..all the best for your applications :)

Sibi said...

Thank God i didnt see the movie..But, the craze for this movie in public was phenominal before it's release..The directore should thank Vishal Shekhar for the songs, without which i m sure the movie wud have been even more torturous...
Congrats for the 6/6 score..U rock..
I wish i cud see the pulsar mania's all the episodes..Envy you as you see it on a giant screen in your house:-)thanks coz o u even i can see it...

Princess said...

@ Ani - You mean you liked it??? Are you outta ur freakin mind?!!! The world consists of all kindsa people I guess... LOL

@ Sibi - You bet! But the songs were all cut and trimmed, so not too much respite... Hmm, you MUST thank me, Main saare episode mere cel ke thru dekhti hu so that I can video record the stunts for you... Tch, m such an angel!! ;-)

vishal said...

guess this time we rae not going to agree..I love Kaminey..i feel it's been slickly made n man! i love's so funny.Jokes apart,technically the film is well-made and the songs are as good.Certainly,it's not Omkara but at least something different..
T.c n regards

Princess said...

Fure ViFhal... The world iF full of all kindFa ppl ;-)



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