Thursday, September 24

Hale and Heart(y)

As they say, the best man won. Yet, I can’t truthfully state that I’m happy. I would have preferred Javed to win. That man really is a whiz at biking and stunting. However, uska upar ka maalaa thoda khaali hai, so Handa scored.

The verdict – Handa is the baap of stunting, the winner of MTV Pulsar Stunt Mania and the proud owner of a brand new Pulsar Chrome. Javed is the first runner up and the winner of a Pulsar 220.

Akshay Kumar came for the final stunt which was obviously the most outrageous of all till date – chasing a trailer that’s traveling 100kph, riding onto it, sliding under the trailer and retrieving a key from its belly, climbing up again and unlocking the Chrome Pulsar atop the trailer, and finally riding it off the vehicle… Whew!

I’ve not been well for the past few days. The change in the weather has got to me. Don’t know what’s happening to Pune; the place used to have a climate that was above reproach. And now, it pours in November, winter hardly stays, and the sun doesn’t take a breather before August.
Pata nahi kiski nazar lag gayi hamare sheher ko…

Back to my unwell condition. I had a temperature of 101.6 on Monday (not a very happy Id for me), and I could barely stand or speak. Even gulping food and water was a difficult, and the worst thing was that I could not even sleep due to my anguish. It was only when I went to my family doc (my darling Bugs Bunny), that I felt at ease. He gave me an injection (as usual) and a pep talk about health and resistance-building (as usual), but his efforts paid off for sure and I was ok the next day. I hate being ill, unlike those who enjoy the attention and care. To me, it’s a sign that I’m burdening others and disturbing their lives.

(By the way, I feel sorry for doctors. The poor folks have to look down so many gullets and glance at so many bums… Of course, it’s another story if they enjoy such sights…)

Hey, got this wonder link from a friend... Check out this interesting clock -

By the way, my reading of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries is going quite well. Nevertheless, my desire for some tadakta-phadakta mush in life has provoked me to re-read Stephenie Myers' Twilight series. (Ya, my actual love life sucks! So need to get those goosebumps from novels... Sad, I know...) Edward still manages to make me feel divine, and the my romantic fascination and passionate zeal have me aching to continue reading even when my eyes and body beg for a night's sleep...

My next Wipro Academy batch doesn't begin until next month, and I'm hoping I can wrap up my application essays during this period. I miss exercising, swimming especially, coz I'm so busy with my essays and training tasks, and then I'm too pooped to engage in any physical activity. However, I've bought a skipping rope, so I'm crossing my fingers and praying that I become more fitness-conscious soon. Need to get tid of all the tummy fat... High time...

Stay healthy!

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vishal said...

Wots up..sadly i dont get mtv india here restricted to Zee cinema Zee T.v solely..though I miss Mtv,Sony n Sony Max a big deal..Any good reading material dat u can recommend to me...Btw I recommend u to watch the Trailer of Sujoy Ghosh ALLADIN..u got to be crazy to be a filmmaker..
Cheerio n eat cherry

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