Friday, September 11

Wanna visit a new Hangout??

What if you wake up one day and recognize nobody around you?

What if the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you realise that everything is unfamiliar and strange?

Meri toh phatt jayegi boss... I'll run through town screaming like a madwoman... Trying to search for at least one known face... Pleading to God to to help me make sense of the chaotic world around me...

I remember the time when I banged my head during a bike accident last new year's. I suffered a concussion and could not recall anything that happened... Thankfully just for a couple of minutes. T'was the craziest thing that ever happened to me...

So, why this sudden discussion? It happened like this. Mommy darling was eagerly watching Baharon Ki Manzil on SAB TV the other day. Usually, our choices match, (I watched Basera on her reco and loved the film) so I sat with her through the first 20 minutes of BkM. When the same dialogues and scenes were repeated more than 10 times, my fuse went kapoot, and I'd had enough of the dragging drama. (Gosh, old movies were SO slow!)

The movie was about this woman (Meena Kumari) who wakes up with an identity that is completely different from the one that people know her as. People think she’s gone bananas and she tries in vain to convince them of her true persona. Finally, with Dharam paaji's help and a lot of courage, she is proved right and her villanous husband is punished.

So, how you people doing? I'm doing fine, work's going well. I enjoy training
(though sometimes the stupidity and oversmartness of a few pupils makes me want to pull THEIR hair in frustration).

It struck me a few days ago that I did not tell you about a few new (for me) places that I visited recently. And the moment I think it, it’s as good as written here for you to read… Enjoy!

The first on the list is Aquaa. I shared with you that I wanted to go there coz it looked inviting... So I finally went there. The place was not half as fantabulous as I'd expected. There were hardly any people (the place is not too well-known I think), and the ambience is also not terrific. Of course, I loved the huge aquarium that acts as the parting wall between the lounge and the Zafran restaurant, but the seating capacity is barely enough to accommodate about 40 people. The service, music and starters were strictly OK. The drinks were good although the range of options was limited. The prices were not unusual, and as luck would have it, there were free Tuborgs being handed out.

I was having a decent time until this foursome walked in. They were two couples, one newly married (white chuudas and all), the other probably dating. From their mannerisms, it was evident that they were not regular visitors to pubs and discotheques; the men were obviously working in the developing/testing dept of some MNC, with little contact with the outside world. (Don't ask me how I know that, they just gave me those vibes!! Blame the psychology and mind-reading keeda inside me!!)

What might these "mannerisms" be, you ask? Well, first of all, they ordered only one round of drinks, which means their bill would not exceed what they'd paid as entrance-cum-cover charge. Then, they were taking snaps from the moment they walked in, for the better part of the next half hour... Three, they suddenly got up from their seats and started dancing clumsily!

I lost my mind when I saw them prancing around in fronta me, as perky as newborn fawns, jigging as ridiculously as if they'd lost their minds!! One of the bimbos obviously thought she was the next Indian dancing idol in the making, and it was all I could do not to get up and show them who's the boss... I mean whoever dances in a lounge?!! Just like a friend said, they were trying to make the most of their visit...
Disco ka paisa bachao, lounge mein hi nacho-gao!

Prior to that episode, I happened to go to a place called Time-Out : Lounge Sports Bar, which is a part of the Seasons Apartment hotel in Aundh. The other restaurants in the complex include Cinnamon Spice (for lovers of Indian khana), Flavors (world cuisine), and Galaxy Grill
(a Greek themed rooftop restaurant with live band that I checked out with Abba-Ammi once a few years ago and found “not too great”.)

The Sports Bar doesn’t have enough seating space upstairs where the sports lovers can watch their favorite games and sip a drink. But they have a cool offer where for Rs 650+Taxes you can enjoy a liquor buffet that comprises house spirits + unlimited Beer. Good for those who can drink all afternoon… The chakna is fine and you need to head downstairs for the main course; either a buffet or a-la-carte.

The third on the list is Mezza 9, a landmark in Hinjewadi. (Mezzanine is actually pronounced mez-uh-neen, but this restaurant clearly wants to be known as Mezza Nine.) It's a pretty interesting place, located opposite KPIT Cummins in Phase 1 of the Infotech Park. I mean, at least I liked the ambience, the prices and the food, though the reviews on the web may not be too attractive. The service could have been better, but the humongous crowd consisting of families, work-groups and college-folks at the hangout sure did not mind.

A must try here is the Lychee Cocktail (if you like it hard) or a Peach Fizz would suit the softies. Most cocktails cost about 150-300, the shooters are for 300, a beer is 140 or so, and large vodka is fine at 80 for Romanov. The starters were good (we ordered Makai Tikki and Paneer Chilly - my all time favorites) and we asked for a simple Triple Schezwan coz we were not too hungry. The portion was decent as was the flavor... The bill, food and drinks combined was an awesome 1115/- bucks only (which is invitation enough for me to return to the joint).

I sneaked a peak at Fast and Furious 4 at a friend's place on her movie theatre and while the sound of the system was stunning, the movie was equally amazing. Wish I could watch it... What daredevil stunts these people do!! Some direction and creativity Hollywoodies got, man!! Also, Wanted starring Angelina Jolie that I caught on HBO. Super movie. Watch if you can.

And hey, if you're still thinking about other places to visit over the weekend, I've heard Foodlink that's newly opened in ICC on S. B. Road is very nice. I don't think I'm going there soon, but if you do, let me know!!



ani_aset said...

"(Don't ask me how I know that, they just gave me those vibes!! Blame the psychology and mind-reading keeda inside me!!)" hehe superb analysis, i didn know your mind also has this keeda do a good review of restaurants yar, next time i am going to pune i will surely ask you ...i had to starve last time, till i discovered this place called Sigri :D

Reema Sahay said...

I have not been to many places despite completing 5 years in Pune. But I love 'The Great Punjab'(Panjabi) and 'Suquisto'(Italian) in Koregaon Park and Barbecue Nation.

Unknown said...

try barbeque nation in Pune...its amazing...try their starters (both veg n non-veg), its awesome...they also have outlets in Mumbai so one can also try there

Princess said...

Hey PaP and Mr. Anonymous,

I've tried BBQ Nation, nice place indeed... Their range of kebabs roasting on your table is intriguing and their desserts were good, too...

It's true we don't have very many places in Pune to enjoy a great meal. My favorites remain Mainland China (which is heavy on the pocket), Smokin Joes (love their SJ Spl - Chicken) and McD...

Lets gang up for lunch and gupshup someday, watsay ;-)


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