Thursday, August 30

A wanderer's fantasy

(This poem was conceived as an entry into an Indiblogger contest : one that promises a trip to Melbourne, no less!! And if that does not sound worth it or exciting, then you MUST visit this website : )

Founded in 1835,
Hey you can call me naive!
But I'm going to Melbourne soon,
And I'd need facts to stay alive.

As I step out of the Tullamarine,
An airport so huge and fine;
I marvel at the City of Literature,
The street art as rich as full-bodied wine.

Unravelling the numerous charms,
Hidden in the city divine;
The aura and versatility,
Enthrall the body, heart and mind.

Struck by wanderlust,
I "shuffle" through the Melbourne lanes;
Having my fill of the Australian cultural capital,
My fatigue and boredom wanes.

A lively, ambitious teenager hoping to study further,
I held Melbourne inspiring and dear;
(Did you know Cate Blanchett, Rupert Murdoch
And Kylie Minogue were born here?)

A hop, skip and jump,
On and off the free City Circle tram;
The Docklands and Cooks' Cottage,
Gift me memories unforgettable and glam.

Melbourne Aquarium whisks me away,
To the waterworld and kingdom of swim;
Level 88 on Melbourne’s Tower Eureka,
Seems more incredible than a crazy whim.

My highest flight of fancy ain't a match,
For balloon flights teasing the clouds,
The greeter's service makes me comfy and welcome.
I feel one with the jovial crowds.

As I think of home and family,
The "Indian" River Lagoon strikes a chord;
Lookout areas that transport me to paradise,
And causeways ingenious and broad.

Chinatown, gardens, spa, events and zoos,
Melbourne's got it all;
Eat, explore, shop and make merry,
I rejoice until I fall.

As my reverie ends,
And I ponder when and how,
Indiblogger and Visit Melbourne whisper,
... It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!

(With fingers crossed as hard as I can...)
- Princess


Anonymous said...

That was an absolutely fantastic way of visualising your trip to Melbourne is verse ! Good luck for the contest :-)

ArjunaUbacha said...

Brilliant. I had not imagined someone writing a poem to participate in this competition.

Vijay Shenoy said...

Nice work... Good luck for the contest....Keep Blogging!

Princess said...

Hello lovely people,

So good to hear from all o u :)

Thank you for dropping in and stayin by long enough to comment. Means a lot to me...

Have a beautiful day!!


Nirvana said...

you know what they say about poetry don't you? "Everyone starts out wanting to be a poet, try out short stories and end up writing novels" :-) ..... because poetry is the toughest of all! (I know - I've tried).... but you've pulled it off beautifully! All the best.

Princess said...

Oh Nirvana,

I am truly flattered AND humbled by ur support and appreciation :)

Gracias amigos. In the land where I inhabit, people avoid giving praise like its taxed or its the plague. But I am glad folks like u exist to boost morales and bliss levels :-)

Big hug!!

Chapters From My Life said...

First poetry post of this contest I am reading.. and loved it. Good luck!

Princess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Princess said...

Thank you !!!

- Anuja

Nisha said...

one of the sweetest posts I've read for this contest. Wish you all the best :)

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