Monday, August 20

Mera Ghar, Mera Aangan

What’s in a name, said Kalidas.


All right, all right. Before you hit the panic button and call to inform me about this typo, let me accept that Shakespeare said it.

But hey, what’s in a name?!!!


And I’m not just talking about adding an extra “K” or dropping the “E” from your name. The numerology business, albeit beyond me, still does not compel one to abandon an age old name and accept a new one, hopefully with a new and desired identity.  

I’m speaking about the entire name. Your tag. Your personality maestro.

Care to disagree?

Why else would Kareena Kapoor flip on hearing the name “Ranchhoddas Chanchad” in the super-duper-blockbuster Three Idiots?

It’s funny how certain opinions accompany certain names.

Would Rajeshwardas in the 21st century ever want to be called respectfully with his full first name?? (Quite a mouthful anyway.) I’m 200% sure he’d jump and stick and hold on tight to the pet name Raj (naam toh suna hoga….!!)

Talk about places for that matter. Deccan is hep, but Sambhaji Nagar….??

Yeah yeah, that’s what the Marathi manoos of Pune renamed Deccan as!

(The name didn’t catch on though, obviously and fortunately…
Imagine – I am going to sambhaji Nagar to catch a movie, dude!! Ewwwww…)

Thoughts and ideas flow into my mind as I revel in an amusing predicament.

The excellent house I’ve moved in and made a home, is in a fantastic society in a great area very close to my workplace and super convenient in terms of facilities and proximity to all important, upcoming locations in Pune. The view is gorgeous, the ambience is delightful, and the vastu is perfect. It's paradise on earth.

Just don’t ask me the name of the locality.

Okay then… it’s Tingare Nagar.

It’s a disgrace. Makes me feel like I’m living in a chawl with huts and hovels around me.
My husband is bothered no less by this fact. In fact, my father suggested we address our address as Adarsh Colony and not TINGARE NAGAR.

So, the other day, when asked about my whereabouts and residential details…

“Where do you stay now?”

“Near the airport.”

The chap wont give up. Typical.

“Where exactly?”

“Adarsh Colony”

“And where’s that?”


“Near Vishrantwadi”

“Ohhhhhh… Tingare Nagar????!!!!”

“(If you must.)”

The last sentence (as you might have guessed) was expressed mutely, but definitely not in good humor.

I’m used to it now, though. Time is the best healer, and the marvellous abode certainly makes up for such small nuisances.

Tingare Nagar, it is :-)

Home is where the heart is…. !!!

Call it what you may. To me, it’s my love nest.


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey Anuja
Congratulations for new home. I know Tingare Nagar, Vishrantwadi very well. In fact, in SY stayed there for some time at ma relatives place but had to move to Kothrud since Vishrantwadi was sooo far from college. Well, it's a wonderful and peaceful place to stay..paradise on earth. Naturally, 'nani' was unhappy dat I moved out. Love d place:)Lucky u:)


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