Monday, August 27

Angels and Demons

Too often, I am accused of being stupidly optimistic and foolishly positive about people. 

"Naive" - they call me. 

I forgive too easily, as I want to give people a second (and a third and a fourth and hundredth chance....) 

That it all happened unintentionally, that it was a mistake, is my confident assumption. No matter what evidence might reveal. 

I've always believed that people want to be good, and being good is the natural thing to do. It is THE way to be, as a first choice and inclination, for everyone without exception. Going by that logic, I suppose that people will think well of each other, help each other in times of need, talk highly of each other and not want to or act in a way that will either mentally hurt or negatively impact anybody else. 

I trust human beings will be good as far as their volition is concerned. It is only in extreme or unfortunate circumstances that they would behave in a "bad" ( = abnormal) way. After all, isn't being nice easier than being unpleasant? 

Unfortunately, more often than not, I am proven wrong. 

Most people are selfish. Several are evil. They want to see people fail, not succeed. They want to spread pain, not joy. 

Being "human" takes more effort and will-power than being demonic. Being a bi*ch is so much more simpler than being an angel. Thinking bad of someone, talking shi* about somebody, acting in way that impacts people's growth and image is a victory for people who feel better when someone else falls flat on their face, their efforts wasted, their esteem destroyed. 
Honestly, I don't know what it is about people that makes them want to be mean and wicked. 

It is beyond me why somebody created by God would want to be devilish. Why when you can't spread happiness, you would wish to spread sorrow and hatred. 

Don't trust me? Look around you. 

People will laugh when someone slips and falls, but few will rush to steady or help him. 

Where there are posters, you will see people scarring the faces of men and women or writing profanities. 

Gossiping is more about what people have done wrong than what they have done right. 

In times of difficulty, fewer people will agree to help, fewer still will volunteer. But the number of people who will wait and watch in the wings, looking for an opportunity to pull that person down a few pegs, 

Conniving idiots, the bunch of them. They obviously were not brought up in an environment where peaceful co-existence reigned supreme. That they need to wreak revenge on the world and inflict misery on everyone who dares to smile must have been their lesson numero uno. To wipe bliss from the face of their earth is their ultimate target.

Who said demons have horns?

Human beings lost theirs somewhere in evolution.

Only the physical way. The mental sickness endured.

Be good, folks. I implore you.

If you can’t help someone, at least don’t hamper their growth, harmony and progress. You don’t know how the other person is suffering, what his story is, what he is going through. Don’t add to his woes if you cannot multiply his peals of laughter. Attempt to make life simpler for others, not complicated or woesome.

Spreading mirth is the most powerful thing in this world. Goodwill goes a long way and makes possible the most bizarre wishes. You never know when someone’s passing blessing makes your heartfelt desires come true.

And if it feels good then, then you need to let the circle continue. One good turn deserves another. Make someone else’s day, make someone smile. Wipe someone’s tears and give someone a caring shoulder to cry on or an empathetic ear to vent. You shall receive more than you bestow. Not a bad deal at all…

Every single day, I come across an individual who treats the human race with overt and hidden violence. Every other day, I also encounter people who believe that being good is their dharma.

Takes one to know one. We’ve all been good, we’ve all been bad. The point is which being prevails within you?

What is being good, you ask? Anything that takes the burdens off another person and makes him smile, even if for a moment. If you can predict that someone will be hurt unfairly and unreasonably by your word or action, hold that thought and scrap that deed.

After all, there is nothing as tangible as the curve of the lips and the wetness of tears, whether held or flowing.

What’s your good deed for everyday going to be?

Spread the love, luck, laughter. You shall be repaid manifold. It doesn't matter from which quarters. What matters is that the good shall rebound to you.

And you needn’t wait to go to the next world for that. Heaven is here, so is hell. Depends on what kind of people you meet and most importantly, what kind of person you are…


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

super love dis post Anuja Rathi-Singh:) It's true the way human beings behave as you've made it so simple. Guess gotta do with their frustration and that they've grown up in a certain manner. They just don't realize..I still believe I can change people..kabhi kabhie lagta ke mein iss duniye me aise lagon ke saath rehna nahin chata

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