Sunday, July 31

A Test Paper For You, God

Given ample examinations in my life till date…

Been through several tests all through school, college and life…

Asked several people multiple questions, and answered more than my fair share of queries…

How about a question paper for you, God…?

How about you giving us some much needed responses to doubts that seem frustrating and confusing?

It’s only reasonable, considering it is we humans who have to live our life amidst so many, never-ending challenges and dilemmas.

Of course, I am aware that God frequently speaks in the voices of us human beings, and so… readers, your thoughts are most welcome…

Here we go!

“Catch 22” is the title of the assessment, and it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that it has 22 questions.

(Pls note: All questions are compulsory, and there is no word limit as long as your answer remains relevant, understandable and un-hypothetical.)

(Also pls note: I ain’t an atheist or cynic. But I ain’t got blind faith either. Do bear this in mind before giving me religious gyaan about devotion and piety…)

Why does it happen that you don’t always love the people that love you?
Or the reverse?

Why does it happen that despite the best of intentions and plans, relationships fail or erode?
Is ego really that mighty?

Why does suffering appear endless and joy momentary?
Is pleasure really short-lived than sorrow?

Why does the soul yearn for those that have brought misery?
Why do we miss the heartache when life is peacefully merry?

Why do some people not share what they have in their minds and hearts?
Do they not know its power in un-complicating crises of any kind?

Why do some people gain pleasure out of hurting and using others?
Did they not learn goodness at home and school?

Why is it that good does not always happen to those that are good?
“All in good time” isn’t really consoling or comforting …

When do you know that enough is enough?
That it’s time to give up and nothing more can be done…

When can you figure out someone’s love or hate?
When is it final that a person’s attitude towards you (or something/someone else) will never change?

When can you speak up for what’s right and what’s not?
When’s a good time to hold your tongue, and the right time to be outspoken and brave?

When is a last chance really supposed to be the last and final one?
To realise that there is no hope, no better future in store…

When is it too late to try for something or someone?
To know that destiny has driven you apart for good…

How can some people read minds and know what’s in your soul?
How can we make these people stay?

How can the ones with so much hurt spread so much love and happiness?
Smile through their pain, and bring cheer to others less unfortunate than them…

How do the tears arrive when you think you’ve depleted all?
You believe you’ve none left, and they stream incessantly …

How justified is trust in a person who has shattered your confidence before?
Do people really not change ever? Or keep changing so often that you never know which one’s true?

How justified is not keeping your word in unforeseen, dubious situations?
You hurt one to make the other happy, is that evil?

Where can we find the people that always care and wish the best?
Why are they so few?

Where is the paradise therein trust and supportiveness abound?
How can you say when you need to let yourself go and when you need to beware?

Are the head and heart permitted to be at loggerheads with each other?
Who do you obey and who do you ignore?

Is it practical and wise to stop wishing after being disappointed on numerous occasions?
Dreaming on would be stupid, right?

Is it possible to find answers to all the above uncertainties in one lifetime?
Or is life a big puzzle where the final goodbye comes with the wisdom that life isn’t about solutions…?

Need a supplement?!! ;-)
Knock yourself out…

- Princess


Denis Thomas said...

Man, You need to write a book. I promise to publish it and I shall have the copyrights to it :)

Your questions are simply awesome!


Princess said...

Awww Denis, you're just too generous my friend... Muaaahhh! You made my day ;-)

Let's talk about the book when you come down okay? Haha.

Keep smiling super boy!

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey I agree wholly with the gentleman, Denis. I have been pressing you to compile in a book. I gave up now..but, mark my words, it will be an instant best seller.
It is a very innovative post, with small mundane things which have given so much weight. And beautifully! At the risk of oft repeating myself.
There are so many questions which God should be asked, we posing as the CBI.
Here are some?
Who are? Do you exist?Why you are called by different names?Why people fight over you?
Are you really good?Why do you need to test my patience so much? Why the hell you don't understand that if you keep testing me, I may end up hating you?
Why can't my life be perfect and achieve all my dreams?You are not perfect and limited or else people won't fight so much.
Questions to God over and out.

Anuja, m planning to write a post to God and you've inspired me. No worry, it will be altogether different. I remember once a friend told me when I lost my newly acquired phone in Mumbai's hostel: Bad things happen to good people.


Princess said...

Dear Vishal,

Now really, you're embarassing me with ur kind words... But yeah, I do really wana go down that path someday or the other when I'm more dedicated to writing than I am currently... Promise you'll be amongst the first ones to know :)

All d best wid ur writing buddy! And happy frenship day.


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