Tuesday, July 12

Distress ... or Not


Quite a few of you have asked for an update on my eye surgery... about whether its finally happening or I've abandoned the idea for good...

Let me tell you what happened after that fateful, distressful Saturday.

I sulked all day, cut myself off from community and decided to get a good weep. Obviously people came forth with sympathy, support and goodwill. Didn't work. Had already warned them that it was futile. They came anyway. YOU came anyway. Thanks, appreciate the thought and effort. But was still low. Still morose. Still upset with God.

Sunday was quite a nice day, in the sense that I gave no thought to what was past, and had heaps of fun with an unexpected visitor that I don't know if I truly love or dearly detest. Maybe I do both.

We watched Delhi Belly and had dinner at a Chinese joint called Shee (yes, its "Shee", no typo there) in Kubera Park, Wanowrie. The movie was grossly delightful, hilarious and paisa vasool. The dinner was terrible, and further made horrid by the fact that we had a brawl that cleared up later.

(Not gonna give you a review on DB, as most people have already seen it, some more than 2 or 3 times. While I won't say that it's really that appealing, it sure is worth going once. Be open to the fact that youth these days do speak with a lot abuses and slang. I've heard the Hindi version is more yuck than the Hinglish one, not surprising as swear words sound more passionate in Hindi than any firang language. Might go for the Hindi one sometime...)

Yep, so... I decided to check with another doc about my laser, and he was ready to operate on me the very same week. I was drunk with elation, and went for all the basic and advanced tests that he wanted. Only to be told after 4 hours, in the final minute before the surgery time was to be fixed, that the first doc had screwed my right eye flap partially and so the laser had to be postponed 3 weeks until it healed.

Mr. Ambarish Darak, this is for you...
(The rest, pls pardon my language)


Not only are you an inhuman jerk incapable of empathetically handling your clients, but also an unprofessional pimp who did not even bother to examine my eye to see if everything was ok after the equipment conked a few seconds post my surgery was initiated. I was merely prescribed a few drops, no extra precautions, and told that I would be informed about the next possible date for surgery once the machine was repaired. That too, after cancelling/postponing my lasik twice 2 months ago...

Dr. Rahul - I know you were helpless, being an assistant to the disgusting Darak, but at least you could have fulfilled your professional obligation by calling me for a check-up to see if all was well with my eye.

You guys just turned me away and forgot all about me!! On hindsight, I see that you yourself must have been shitting bricks coz of my extreme mental and physical reaction, but this was no way to handle a customer. I can't remember one apology or kind word said to me in my stressful moment...

Guess who's never coming back and never giving you guys a positive referral... Zyvision is on my block list... and my black list.

Shan't forgive you, guys!

Anyway, thanks to Dr. Jeevan Ladi for testing me and refusing to treat me before my flap got back in place. And thanks is also in order for Dr. Salil Gadkari, a thorough gentleman, who guided me to the right doc - Dr. Ladi, the best one in Pune with superior knowledge and equipment, and also a hint of humanity and professionalism, that was visible even in the brief meeting that we had.

For now, I'm too disheartened to go back for the laser. I've called it off till Novemeber. Let's cross the bridge when we come to it.

To liven up my life and raise my spirits, I gave myself a mini-makeover.
Hair color!
Red :-D

Yeah!! Pretty, bold, magenta red streaks that make me smile and the world gloat...

Funky eye frame in queue, followed by my birthday shopping - jeans, footwear, and accessories!!

And now I can delay the moment no further...
What's gotta be done, ought to be done...

Sorry, Lord, that I mistrusted and blamed you for my troubles and failures. You always protected by me even when I was doing something that would make my life worse. You denied the curse that I was wanting, and you accepted my subsequent anger and hate for no fault of yours. I am extremely apologetic and embarrassed. But I know you love me, and you don't mind. I called you names, and criticised your judgement, powers and fairness. And yet, you did not give up on me. You continued to stand by, no matter how I behaved...

You're awesome, dude!! Love you.

Guess who's blessed and tends to forget it...

Your truly :-)


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey Anuja
Me love Delhi Belly as well. It's an awesome movie.. was lucky to watch the Hindi version. It's awesome n the cunt words are so sexy..MC and BC has been made glamourus. 3 cheers dis month to AB and AK. Both of them wins hands down as my Stars of the month.
I understand your anger. It's sad that we live in an age where some trained people don't give a damn to ethics or medical ethics for that matter. Thanx God they are a minority. Don't worry thgs will fall in its place and m sure after your surgery, your mood will be up forever and ever..no downslide. I shall pray for you coz u never alone.
With love N affection, my dear friend
Vishal alias Bachchan

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