Monday, July 18

The Dolce of my Vita

Very rarely do you come across individuals that you love everything about.

And it is rarer still, when they like you back and you go on to nurture a relationship that goes beyond the regular tag of friendship.

It stems out of a great deal of empathy and understanding, and yet stops shy of what is called love.

Or maybe it’s more supreme than romantic love, and hence, stronger, lasts longer.

This guy that I know is one of the most splendid men I’ve met in my life.

He’s younger to me, slightly shorter, different caste, and has a girlfriend that he’s crazy about. Let me get that aspect of the tale out of the way before you start cultivating any assumptions and stories.

(Bah… Corrupt, one-track minds! Leme repeat the cliché “kya ek ladka ladki sirf dost nahi ho sakte?”)

However, I’m definitely not saying that I’d be averse to dating someone like him.

He’s dreamy, not because he’s sexy or rich. But because he goes out of his way to make people feel special, and never hurts anyone intentionally.

Intelligence, patience, humour, wit and care – he’s got it all.

He never fails to impress me with his maturity and presence of mind.

Let me recall the exact words I said to him the other day… “Your dad is too old for me, waiting for your kid won’t be very sensible given my age, and you don’t have a brother. Say, when are you dumping your girlfriend? I’d like to have a boyfriend like you…”

And we burst out laughing.

I’ve never met another person like him. So genuine, upfront, trustworthy, wise and accommodating.

I can laugh with him. I’ve cried with him. I’ve got angry with him, and expressed my frustration over people and situations to him.

He (and I don’t know how, for crying out loud) manages to respond appropriately 99% of the times.

(The one time that I recall he fu**ed up, I gave him a dirty look, said that he was being a jerk, and he corrected himself and apologized. I forgave him. He deserves all the love and affection in the world.)

I shan’t dig into his history or psyche to figure out why he’s the way he is, or how he is so uniquely awesome in his ways.

I’m just going to appreciate him for it, and advocate him as an ideal friend / boyfriend / husband to have. I think his girl’s tremendously lucky, and though she acknowledges it, I doubt if she truly comprehends that fact…

(I knew another eligible bachelor once; they’re super tough to come by, and I consider myself fortunate to have met two of them in a lifetime. I’m hoping the third one arrives soon, and I announce myself engaged to him. Amen!)

Time flies with him, we can talk about anything for hours, and giggle over nothing. PJs become immensely interesting and funny when he’s around, and I know I can be myself without bothering about him misjudging or criticising me. Counselling and confession sessions abound when we’re together, and neither of us gets bored of listening to each others’ endless autobiographies. We are a team when it comes to taking other folks’ cases, and no one can beat us at taking each other’s case either.

I can’t remember one thing he’s refused me, and I don’t think I’ll ever wait for him to seek help, support or advice from me. It’s just natural, our being concerned for each other, and relying on each other. I know I can call him at any time, day or night, and he’ll be there for me.

When did we meet? About a year ago.

When did we become friends? Hardly 6 months ago.

When did we know that our bond was not frivolous or formal?
We feel it each moment.

Though there are weeks where we don’t call each other or hang out.
Days when I don’t even say hi to him because one of us is super busy.
Hours in which we only wave when our eyes meet, but don’t connect or chat.

But all that doesn’t matter. Coz the hearts are continuously united. Linked by the knowledge that there is a person within some proximity who knows me inside out, understand and believes me and will take care of me, against the entire world.

He may not be the most powerful individual on the planet. He may not be the most perfect either.

Yet, he possesses my faith, and goodwill.

Says who?

The warmth in my heart when I think of him, see or talk to him.

God bless you, Dolce.

And may you always be happy.

Sincerely, and forever, I shall remain,
Your buddy (and partner in crime)
(Unless the prank’s on you…!)

Princess :-)


Vishal Bheeroo said...

hey Anuja
A honest post and I'm happy u met a friend who totally understand u...well, they don't make such kinda people ne more..
I have a confession to make: I always thought in college that you were a very arrogant person, who looked down on people and was a rich, spoilt brat.
I was wrong..


Amar said...

Hi Anuja,
I read few of your blogs .. they are very good and touches my heart ..

Lovely buddy ...Keep posting ..

Cheers ,

Princess said...

Hey Vishal, I'm surprised you thought that about me... LOL... I believed everyone found me the most un-arrogant and approachable person ever ;-)

You were wrong.

Have a wonderful day, bud!


Princess said...

Hi Amar,

Thanks for writing in... Means a lot to me that you took the time to read and comment.

Smile on! Read on :)


Vishal Bheeroo said...

as I said me was wrong on thinking it's that way and I learned never to judge someone. Perhaps it's got to do with the fact that you are moody-we all are to a certain extent.
lemme take these words-you are one of the most wonderful person I've known through the world of blogging.

Princess said...

Thanks @ Vishal :-)

Take care!

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