Thursday, July 15

Explore and Stun Yourself !!

It never ceases to amaze me that there are all kinds of people in this world.

People who are genuine, people who are not, and people who think they are but are actually not.

People who ponder and articulate, people who don’t mull and don’t express, and people who think and feel and don’t verbally / directly convey.

People who are nice, selfish, funny, simple, fake, generous and those who are plain confused.

Damn, where does God keep all his molds and casts? Even with every human having 7 lookalikes around the world, I bet none of them are identical in their mannerisms and attitudes!

Point noted. But how would we know what an individual is like?

Do we judge him by the way he behaves? Or by the way he pretends to behave?

Do we judge him by his clothes and speech? Or by the way he treats things and people around him?

Do we judge him by what he says about himself? Or by the way he sends out vibes and impressions?

No child’s play, eh?

And then to obscure issues, people behave differently with different people.

Which brings me to today’s topic for reflection.

I noticed that a guy who is quite decent and likeable when alone, suddenly sprouts wings in front of this female who hardly talks to anyone else but him. So, when I meet him alone in the corridor, he’s all nice and friendly and willing to talk, but the moment this chic is with him on a break or in a meeting, he closes up and stays accessible only to her while acting smart and making others feel unwelcome.

What’s the trip, fella?

And it’s not like he’s trying to woo her or anything. He says he’s got this girlfriend back home that he lives with and plans to marry. And this dame that he acts funny with, is also aware of that. Yet, the coziness and comfort that they share, which though enviable, is certainly a little awkward and fishy.

None of my business, right?


Just thought about it, so thought I’d share.

But hey, that does not mean I’ll veer away from the impressions topic. I am not afraid to say that I’ve often made mistakes in judging people.

(Don’t give me the bulls**t that you don’t judge people. All of us do. We may not say it out loud or even to ourselves, but we just form an opinion and sooner or later confirm/modify it.)

For example, I thought this lady was cold and hateful. Turns out that she’s really a wonderful person, completely trustworthy and sensible. On the contrary, this other woman that I considered warm and adorable, has proven herself to be despicable and vexing.

I could give you so many illustrations where individuals with funny and sordid reputations have been excellent friends and human beings. And also situations where those that we trust and expect from, turn us down and startle us with their self-centeredness and undependability.

What do I say… It’s quite an interesting exercise to try and understand how people are and how it relates to what they portray...

No such hassles with me though. I am what I am, and those who understand that have an easy road ahead of them. Those who don’t, too bad… for them… and for me, coz it bothers me when people have misconceptions or wrong impressions about me.

It’s wonderful knowing yourself, and being in touch with your emotions and expectations. Trust me. There’s not one dull moment, nor is there any confusion around anything that you want or do. I realized this while I was at the lab in ISABS. When the facilitators told me this, I could scream with delight. To be appreciated for being able to think and feel, and for being able to accept and express that directly without facades is a beautiful experience. It’s enlightenment, nothing less.

So, how are you?

Or shall we say… WHO are you?

Explore yourself!


sumant said...

awesome read

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey nw i am gettin sum tym to go through.well,it's very thought n push us to thk bout things n the way they shape up.
yes,at one time we all turn judgemental dnt,we?bt we can make an effort,refraining from casting a judgement on sum1.well,im tryin..

Beyond said...

nice reading.. it is important to find who we actually are.

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