Friday, July 9

But Why ... No One Knows...

My eyes wander to catch a glimpse of you in the most obvious and unlikeliest of places.
Why? When I myself asked you to never show me your face again?

I gear myself up to see you sitting at my doorstep, waiting for me as I come home after a weary day at work.
Why? When I clearly recall screaming at you to leave me alone?

You’re always on my mind for reasons merry, sad, nostalgic and naughty.
Why? When I tried so hard to erase you from my head and heart?

I was repulsed by your misbehavior; I threatened you to stay away.
Why then do I sometimes still miss you, your companionship and love?

I wanted to forget that you exist, I vowed to block everything that reminded me of you.
Why then does your memory only grow stronger by the day?

Love happens once, now that couldn’t be true…

A million times over, I fell in love with you.

You hurt me, and apologized.

I hated you and forgave.

I admired you and you praised me.

I loved you with everything I had, and you showed me you cared.

Where did it all go?

I sit down and think…

And you know what… it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Time heals us all, and time makes things better.

I can never forget you, but I can now think of you without agony and abhorrence.

There was a person I loved, and he loved me back.

And then, we just didn’t work out…

A zillion feelings and incidents,

Encapsulated in less than twenty words.

Capturing details and experience that wouldn’t be forgotten in two hundred years…

Thank heavens for poor memories and thank the stars for resilience.

And thank love, that can wiggle in and out of your life.

Giving pleasures of a lifetime and desolation for eons.

Yet seeming new and amazing each time it happens…


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