Tuesday, July 20



Kasa kay?

Nope, not that I'm scared of the MNS fellas or anything. Their Bandhs and other announcements really don't scare me. Instead, they only make me cringe with disgust. Brute force can win them fear, not support.

Whatever... that's really not wha I wanna talk about today.

Gotta give you some quick updates.

One, I am not really keen about football, but thanks to the enthusiasm displayed by my friends and colleagues, I was drawn into it without my personal desire. Sports was never really one of my passions, but it's fun watching people as they argue and support their respective teams. Of course, Oracle Paul became quite a rage in the market when he started predicting wins and losses. Must go check out what he's gotta say about my life and story ;-) If an octopus understands football, he sure must be aware of our trivial lives and details!!

Moving on... I watched Milenge Milenge... and oh my god, was it the biggest mistake ever in my life! The movie is horrible... and that's an understatement. why do people make movies, I wonder. Is it just for the heck of it, or do they truly want to make a point - be it regards the plot or their own ability to make cinema. This film was supposed to be released 5 or 7 years ago, and obviously it looks stale and badly done. Both Shahid and Kareena look unglam and dreary, and don't even ask me about the story! Destiny ki taang tod di in logo ne! I mean what sense does it make that you ask someone who loves you to reach the same floor in a building or search for a book at an old store just to see if you're made for each other?!! Rubbish... Utterly ridiculous... One hour and fifty minutes down the gutter...

Leme gargle and come back... MM leaves a bad taste in my mouth...

Yeah, so... The other thing is... I forgot...

Got it! I saw this sexy Volkswagen Beetle in Pune the other night when I was returning home from work. Wish I had one... It was sexy and cute at the same time!

I miss my Momma :-( She went to meet an ill Uncle last week, and he expired a day before she was supposed to leave for Pune. So, she has to stay there till the 12th day. Shucks... Home's not home without her... I just don't feel like being inside those 4 walls with the other folks... The baby's an exception of course! The cute darling that he is...

Hey, one of my close pals (whom I've never met till date!) has got through Stern (NYU) and I'm sooooo happy for him! If you remember, I'd applied there myself for MBA but I was denied admission. He's so definitely smarter than me!! And I wish him all the luck... Way to go, Denis! Make us proud boy!!

Here are some status messages that I've updated on Facebook over the last few days - should give you a fair idea about what I've been thinking...

* Anuja Rathi feels loved, valued, respected, supported, appreciated, cared for, cherished, needed, liked, adored, envied, wanted and blessed! ... (This was because I really thank the Lord for the life I'm living now. I've had some tough times in the past, and I am so grateful that times have changed... Thank you everybody, for making me feel this way!)

*Anuja Rathi misses swimming, clubbing, traveling, reading, and hanging out without time constraints... (This was because find just 2 holidays in a week too less, and I wish the weekend was as long as the week! There's so many things to do and so little time! I've practically stopped reading coz I can't find the time, and whenever I go out or engage in some activity like chilling out with the gang, there's always the clock ticking at the back of my head. Gotta spare some time for the family too else I'll get kicked outta the shack! Bless the Almighty though, I've got a wonderful, understanding, patient and accommodating family. yet you can never take these things for granted!)

And then there are some others about the desserts I wana eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner... and how I grappled while helping my nephew sleep at 2 am after I returned tired from work! It was worth it, though, when I saw him breathing softly in his sleep and sighing... Gosh, how I love him!! And about the desserts, well, I've had some amazing chocolates at Brugge (Dhole Patil Road, opposite Madhuban) and Chocolate Story, The deal is, for my wedding, instead of the guests bringing shitty gifts that they themselves wouldn't use, I'm gona ask them to get me bouquets from Brugge :-) You're invited too, ladies and gentlemen! Just keep the above in mind...

And hey, its my birthday on the 23rd, so I'm gona give you guys all a treat! Just visit Malaka Spice (Koregaon Park) on Friday, order your food, and get free beers!! You're welcome, darlings ;-)

See ya later, then!




sumant said...

have a great birthday.. nice post

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey y thk hes way smarter than u?/i beg to differ n i knw u very smart.ull gt lots of opportunities to crack the stuffs
Aha!Beetle vol,i envy u

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