Thursday, April 8



Arrogant. Gifted. Intelligent. Talented. Esteemed. Respected.

God’s favorite. Effective. Wise. Reliable. Feared. Quick to learn.

Vain. Threatened by betters. Appreciative. Jealous. Favored.

Single-minded focus. Egoistic. Occasionally unsure of himself.

Perseverant. Lucky. Righteous. Unstoppable. Powerful.

Confused about what and why to act. Strong. Applies learning.

Show off. Eager to please. Graceful. Reveres people he admires.

Idealized. Bright. Attractive. Protector. Resourceful. Fearless.

Connoisseur of talent. Shining. Accomplished. Devoted.

Trusting. Envious. Enchanted by skill and skillfulness.

Undefeatable. Courageous. Good looking. Loyal. Truthful.

Sensitive. Dutiful. Diligent. Loved. Magnanimous. Trustworthy.

Multi-talented. Competitive. Thoughtful. Intractable. Victorious.



P.S. : I know some of you might be on the look-out for Karna... I've blogged about him before. Check this link -

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Princess said...


Arjuna was respected and admired by everybody - we all know that. In fact, in those times, women named their children Arjuna and also blessed boys saying "May you be as great/handsome/talented as Arjuna".

I've faced that, too :) People come up to me and say XYZ wants to/should be like you. Feels good.



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