Tuesday, April 20

Jiyo Dil Se...

Aloha, mates!

Pune’s getting exceptionally hotter by the day (and night), and the power cuts in the city are making things all the more unbearable. Come to think of it, we used to take pride in and enjoy the brilliant climate of Pune all round the year, whatever the season. We went as far as to say that Pune is the best city to live in as far the weather is concerned. Looks like we’ll have to eat our words. No more does the city have a constant supply of beautiful winters and moderate summers and merry monsoons. The breeze that blew and soothed us Puneittes come rain or shine has migrated to another unknown place, and all that is left here now is beads of perspiration and enduring frustration.

Guess we’re the ones to blame for it – what with the increased pollution and senseless, multitudinous chopping down of trees to make 6-lane highways that never quite shape up. Are we really intelligent human beings who can envision the future and work for a better tomorrow? Must be someone else…

Now and then, I find myself speculating about our upbringing and schooling. And when I read about it in Palace of Illusions, it suddenly hit. (Pardon me if some of the words I use here might sound like they’ve been copied from the book. I have no intention to plagiarize, but the words are so apt that using any other term will prove to be off the mark and inadequate.)

Our education, I think, is largely useless. We’re taught things that all of us know we shall never use in our entire lives. For example, formulas in maths and physics, dates in history, and types of soils in geography. Of course, if I pursue a career in farming or archaeology, I might find some of the above mentioned applicable. But, I don’t find the same very functional for most Arts, Science or Commerce students. There are a host of other things that we must learn, and do learn during our lifetime.

Like how to dress up for formal and casual occasions. How to greet people and start conversations. How to be brave and remain silent when we ache to say the most scalding things. And also when to be bold and outspoken. How to sidestep questions you don’t want to answer. How to stay silent when we face disagreement, and avoid wasting energy on words.

How to wait for time to unravel mysteries of nature, and how to judge people and situations. How to make informed decisions, and how to be effective without hurting people. When to lie, and when to speak the truth. How to live like kings/queens and also how to lead frugal lives like maids and beggars. How to adjust and how to teach. When to tolerate and when to lash out.

A hundred whens and a million hows.

(And if you add the how to’s of understanding and using gadgets and technology, then make the number zillions.)

Who shall instruct us on all of this? How long can we live without being aware of the above pre-requisites of life? How far can we get by learning the wrong things in the wrong ways, and unlearning them so that we can move ahead on the correct path?

Too many questions. Never an answer. That’s how our species is created, right?

Let’s talk about something that is within my control :-)
My perfect routine.

Yup! I’m super proud of my daily routine. Have been so for the last 1 month. So, I wake up early (by my standards) every morning. Being a night owl, it is a big sacrifice for me to set the alarm for 7 am, but I manage to get up with a bounce in my step coz I’m eager to hit the pool (not literally!) and learn new strokes. I’ve learnt the breast-stroke and back-stroke till now, and I’m half done with the freestyle. Good exercise and great recreation! I love that part of my day.

After my swim, I get ready and leave for work at 10. (I’d love to include breakfast in my schedule, but we don’t really have that meal at home daily, and when we do, I’m too hard-pressed for time to actually eat it.) So, I gulp some milk and then some cool drink like lassi or buttermilk after an hour. Work includes training, counseling, some admin stuff and lotsa socializing! After I get off from there around 7 pm, I catch up with friends and have coffee-shoffee, and finally head home by 8. And then it’s time for dinner and my favorite novels. I’m yawning away by 10 and nodding off by 10.30. It bothers me that I rarely sleep without waking up several times in the dead of night. But that’s ok, I suppose. Unless it makes me wake up all grouchy the next morning.

Not bad, eh?

Thanks to my daily agenda, I think I’ve got back in shape. I now fit into my pants that I bought 6 years ago and didn’t fit in last year. Saved me quite a buck as I was planning to go shopping for formals. For my new job :-)

Yessssss… I’ve bagged an offer from IBM for the post of Lead Voice and Accent Trainer. I was little hesitant initially as I was unsure whether I wanted to move to the call centre/BPO industry. But Daksh is a good name, and IBM is a world-renowned company. The pay is good and the culture is groovy. So, I join them on May 12th. Cheeeeeeeeeersss!! And fingers crossed!!

Hey, I watched Phoonk 2 the day it got released. The first 20 minutes threatened to be as damp as the prequel. But after that, the movie rocked. Of course, the doll concept wasn’t the first of its kind, and the direction (where the interiors of the house are zoomed in and out) wasn’t exciting. But the actors are good (especially Sudeep – the girl’s dad, who played Amitabh’s son in Rann, and Amruta Khanvilkar – the girl’s mum), and the ugly black ghost (Madhu aka Ashwini Kalsekar) with dangling curly hair often curdled my blood in the veins. I gripped the arms of my seat as I saw the climax, often shutting my eyes due to the excellent make-up and gruesome scenes.

Phoonk 1 was silly, but Ramu has arrived with Phoonk 2. He couldn’t resist inserting a crow and lizard (both stars of the first movie) in the second one, but thankfully, the drama is less and action is more. Not as great as Bhoot, but definitely worth a dekko. A well-spent 2 hours. Comes as a surprise.

One question... why does the boy sleep with a snake?!! LOLOL :-D



Sumit said...

Congrats on your new job! Btw, I used to work with Daksh a few years ago. I don't know if it has changed much, but it used to be a fun place to work at. :)

Though of course, you seem to love training, so I'm sure you'll have fun!

P.S. Will probably watch Phoonk 2 on your recommendation. So, beware if it doesn't live up to expectations. :P

Princess said...

Hey Sumit,

Thanks for your comment as well as good wishes. I hope I have a fab time learning and training at IBM :)

I'm quite sure you'll like the movie (even if it isn't exactly worth LOVING). Leme know!!


Reema Sahay said...

After exactly 3 days in pool last year, I am still thinking about learning to swim this year. But it is definitely on my agenda this year! I don't think I will be able to survive Phoonk even if I got free tickets, in fact, even if I got paid to watch it :-)

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