Tuesday, March 23

Water Baby is Back!


What’s rocking mates?

Lest I forget, leme inform you right at the outset that you are requested to turn off all the lights and switches for an hour on March 27 between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm. Abhishek Bachchan entreats us all to do our bit for the WWF Earth Hour 2010 campaign. I’ve put a reminder on my cell, and it would be nice on your part to join in this save-our-environment crusade.

I know some of you might have issues with it being a Saturday night and your favorite movie/show/IPL cricket (Kings XI Punjab vs KKR at Mohali) would be aired. But c’mon ya, what’s one match compared to the longevity of humankind?

My service to the cause (partly) done, I can now move on to other topics. Duty first. Fun next.

But hey, there’s another duty that I need to fulfill. And that is to say a big THANK YOU to all you readers and followers. The latter size has now increased to 35 and it makes me tremendously happy to see some known names/faces and others who are unfamiliar yet kind enough to join the gang. Gracias fellas, and while I appreciate your silently following my blog, I would love to hear from you about the things I write and things you would like me to write… There's over 310 posts on "Life..." now, and aap ki dua rahi toh ye ank baddhta jayega :-)

Right. So, now I gotta move on and tell you about my tryst with the waves. (Well, not exactly waves, but the ripples in the swimming pool.) Yeah! I've started swimming after a gap of almost a year. Same place, Law college pool, but a different coach this time (thank heavens!) The last one, if you remember, guided or rather directed us from outside the pool. The current one is a sweet old man who is as wonderful a teacher as he is a person. He taught me to breathe while doing the breast-stroke in 2 days (something that the previous snob hadn't, in about a month). And I'm already learning the back-stroke, which he says I should be done with, in about a week. Woo hoo!!

My aqua adventures predictably include my observations about the ladies who join me in my batch every morning. And guess what, they're still the same...

Actually, women never change... And that's as good as it's bad... Ahem.

As I do my usual laps along the length and the breadth of the pool, these jokers giggle around the sides and dish out their daily gossip about who went where and what happened to who. They chat non-stop about what their husbands and siblings did, which school friends they recently met or heard about, and where they're planning their next vacation - in full detail. In the drift of their engaging conversations, they often drift into the centre of the pool disrupting the SINCERE strokes of DEDICATED swimmers like ME... Bah! If their arms and thighs got as much exercise as their tongues do, these aunties wouldn't have such huge butts and tyres to carry around...

What's also a little embarrasing for me is that I recognize these women only when they are clad in swimsuits and caps. Put them in salwars, tracks and jeans, and I have no clue if I've ever set eyes on them... They smile at me, and I wonder which swimming costume this dame belongs to...

The bad news is I got a ding again. This time it really hurt, because it was from Michigan Broad that had interviewed me in Feb. Looks like my American dream is as good as over. Am I really so hopeless that 4 out of the 5 universities I had applied to, found me not worth admitting? Its true that I had been extremely optimistic while choosing my b-schools, but Michigan and Texas definitely had my confidence. This blow has left me shattered; bring on the boys, Mamma... Leme get married and settle down. There's nothing else to look forward to and plan for...

(Austin, yup, they're still considering my application. But the miniscule amount of hope I have left is super eclipsed by my readiness for being rejected yet again.)

I visited Lavasa on Sunday. It's about 50-odd kilometres from Senapati Bapat Road. The city is still under construction, there's not much to see or do, but I hadn't been there before so my gang of colleagues set out for a picnic... Our first ever! It was sunny but the ride through the ghats and highway was wonderful.

(For those of you who don't know, you don't need permission to enter anymore. I believe you did earlier. So, anyone can just hop in and move about, enjoy the water sports and laze about in the pretty gardens along the roadside...)

Well well well... I guess that's all I have got to share today.

Be back later, alligator!

Take care!


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