Tuesday, March 30

Movie Aur TV


Heard of Aditya Narayan’s debut in Shaapit? Ya ya, the same lad who became famous for his song “Chhota bachha jaan ke…” in Masoom and his role in Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai starring Salman, Twinkle, Johny Lever.

Shaapit “introduces” the handsome youth with boyish looks as the lead hero in a horror movie. Now let’s give Adi the credit for emoting well, his face speaks a thousand words. Unfortunately his acting kills it all. Bad is an understatement. He’s managed to make the most sentimental of scenes funny by moving in a conscious, awkward way and delivering dialogues in what is called a “ham” style.

I don’t entirely blame him though, for this disaster. Shweta Agarwal, also a first-timer, although cute, shares Aditya’s inability to act. But the one who deserves all those rotten eggs and tomatoes is the dialogue and script writer. WHAT were these guys thinking, for Lord’s sake?!! It’s a shame that after Raaz and 1920, Vikram Bhatt has this debacle to his name.

The flashback is quite gripping – a prince tries to rape a young girl, and her father, a renowned pandit, curses the family that no daughter will ever marry. If she tries to, she will die. Another parallel story shows that the king’s wife plots to kill her husband and stepsons in order to ascend the throne. However, she is duly punished, but not before she makes arrangements to haunt the palace until many years to come.

You might have guessed that Shweta is a girl from this cursed family, and her lover boy Aditya desperately wants to marry her. Why they can’t just have a live-in relationship is a question I can’t answer, but that’s how it is. After enlisting the help of Prof. Pashupati (similar to Ashutosh Rana’s role in Raaz), the folks set out for their rendezvous with the ghoul – a crazy looking, wall-climbing, water-gliding banshee who is ridiculously slow and stupid. The creepy factor as compared to Raaz is poor, and the climax is stretched no end. Definitely not paisa wasool, definitely not a must-watch.

What you can watch at least once is this show called Mahi Way on Sony. Produced by Yash Raj Films (YRF Television), the soap is about this pretty, fat, intelligent, emotional, bubbly dame called Mahi (brilliantly played by Pushtiie S). She is real and likable, your typical girl next door who loves mushy stuff and dreams of Prince Charming. Her career, love life, and everything else is in the doldrums. Living her topsy-turvy life, Mahi is not afraid to admit she is not exactly joyous when her best friend patches up with her here now, gone then boyfriend. Excellent presentation, wonderful characterization and simple dialogues. This one’s a hit for sure.

By the way, Khatron Ke Khiladi shall soon be back again. With a bang. Coz this time, it’s not Khiladi Akshay who will host the show, but the lovely Priyanka Chopra who will be daring 13 cricketers to do daredevil stunts. Here we go! Another very lucrative reason for our players to ignore their real responsibility and avoid the field. Wasn’t advertising and making public appearances in various shows sufficient? Grrr…

Anyway, mera kya jaa raha hai? Jisko jo karna kare. How long can one wise person govern and guide the entire globe through a personal blog?

Arre, did you know MTV now screens movies every Friday-Saturday at 7 pm? They showed Raaz 2 and Fashion last week, and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na this week. Quite a refreshing change, eh? I bet they’ll show all nice and latest movies. The Tickr at the bottom of the screen displays informational and sarcastic comments about the movie and the actors. Keep watching!

I was thinking why girls like Emraan Hashmi… Now don’t tell me they don’t. Maybe not physically. But boss, the guy’s a whiz when it comes to passion and romance. He isn’t afraid to show his love or possessiveness. He knows how to make his woman feel special verbally and physically. He knows that showing that you want someone is almost as important as wanting that person. This could be done in various ways - showering her with small or expensive gifts, giving her a peck when she’s least expecting it, or looking at her with longing even as she pays no attention. Try it guys. It works. I’m a woman. I ought to know.

And I DO KNOW. You ought to know that, if nothing else ;-)

Happy weekend!


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Unknown said...

Right Anuja even i have the same feelings with Emraan.

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