Friday, March 12

Hey Ya!

Hi folks.

Hows life ya? I’m doing pretty well myself, thank you. Of course, there are the usual ups and downs, but then when is anything perfect anyway?

At work, I’ve not much to complain - I’m taking communication training for a batch of 6-7 perky students and spending the rest of the time doing some recruiting and socializing (no tomfoolery… obviously).

The rest of the time, I’m either playing with chhota baby at home or doing masti with friends.

And intermittently, I find time to fret about the absence of a response over my MBA applications and the lack of direction and progress in my life. I mean c’mon! Either I get to know that I’m going to the US for my further education, and I continue working even as I arrange for the loan and other things. Or I am told that I’m not going and I increase my access to better jobs and matrimonial columns. As wonderful and relaxed my life is now, I still want to move ahead in life…

That’s how matters stand at the moment.

My reading of the Moonstone is not complete yet. It is indeed an unusual detective novel; unusual because it does not capture events and descriptions in the traditional manner. Instead it asks people who witnessed the movement of the precious stone to describe the events they experienced first-hand, no hearsay involved. So, the story consists of narratives by the butler, some relatives, the detective, the lawyer, etc. Not bad at all, I must say. I’m quite enjoying the book because it deals with the attitudes and thought processes of the narrators themselves, a thing that certainly fascinates me given my knowledge and interest in Psychology

Wassup with TV, you say? Well, I’m thrilled that my all-time heartthrob VJ turned actor Rannvijay has broken up with his girlfriend, VJ turned actor Anusha. The girl never deserved the hunk, leme tell you. Langoor ke muh mein angoor… He’s still hosting MTV Roadies, and while I do not watch the show religiously, I happen to know that there’s just one girl (Priyanka) left on the show and some fine men like Amrit and Ameya have been kicked out. This season lacks memorable characters, and so, the TRPs may have been hit since the last time. Even Splitsvilla, The Player and other reality shows suck. What a waste!

I find VJ Ayushmann and Jose of MTV very dashing and witty. Their shows MTV Fantastic Five and MTV Wassup are quite agreeable and comical. Riya is bubbly, too. Wonder who their newest catch is – wasn’t MTV hunting for a new Video Jockey?

While we’re still on the topic of reality shows, I guess you are aware that the gobbledygook called Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is over . Thank heavens! As I’ve told you before, the elder brother had a weird weakness for it, and hence, the updates were forced down my throat. Harpreet, Dimpy and Nikunj were battling their way to the pedestal of Mrs. Mahajan, and I openly admit, I was dead sure Harpreet would be the chosen one. Kamsin kali of just 20, she had stars in her eyes when she looked at monkey man Rahul, and everything about her screamed “perfect bride”. However, Mr. Monkey put the var-mala over Ms. Ganguly’s head. Congrats Dimpy Mahajan. (Thank your bloody lucky stars silly girl Harpreet!)

About movies, I read decent reviews of Atithi … and Rokkk in the Sunday Times. I’m not sure if I’ll be watching either though. With a working Saturday, it’s hard to find time to catch all the latest releases. Going to the cinema in the nights is impossible coz my family has to stay home with Bhabhi and baby, and I don’t usually watch late night shows with friends. I’d much rather go out clubbing and catch up on gossip rather than sitting in front of the big screen for 3 straight hours.

Hey, it was nice to see a lot of men wishing ladies on Women’s Day. As expected, I got some messages from men who felt left out and ignored on this day. Worry not, guys! I shan’t forget to wish you on International Men’s Day… It falls on November 19 :)

Here's an SMS that I received from a buddy that I met at the ISABS event in Goa last year, a sincere message forwarder called Mr. Mohan from Suzlon... Yunnnjoy!

(It's in Hindi)

Bechara Mard...
Agar aurat pe haath utthaye to zaalim, pitt jaye toh buzdil.
Aurat ko kisi ke saath dekhe toh jealous, chup rahe toh begairat.
Ghar se bahar rahe toh awara, ghar mein rahe toh nakara.
Bacchon ko daate toh mean, na daate toh laparwah.
Aurat ko naukri se roke toh shakki, na raoke toh aurat ki kamai khane wala.
Ye bechara aakhir jaye toh jaye kahan, kare toh kare kya?!!

Take care!

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