Thursday, September 18

Blogging away to Glory!

Whatcha doin buddies?!!

Hope life’s treatin u well.

Why do people answer a question with a question? And I’m not the only one asking this! I guess it happens when the initial question is either stupid, obvious, rhetoric, or repetitive. Anodr question I heartily hate, is “Aur Kya?!!” (= what else?!!) That’s OK when it comes once or twice in a conversation, but when all you’re hearing is “Aur Kya”.... Grrrr....

Just like the above is common, so is addiction and excuse. Each person has his/her own passion, and each one has a suitable excuse. Addictions may vary from drugs to books, lovers to emotions, actions to places, and so on. Ditto about the excuses ranging from time to people, situations to capabilities, resources to moods, and so forth. So what’s your addiction? And what’s your excuse? ... Mine? Shall tell u another day... Think about yours... And don’t say u haven’t got either! Shan’t believe u ;-)

There’s a lull in my life. Nothing seems to be exciting. Wohi kaam, wohi ghar, wohi log, wohi baate. My creative streak is takin a plunge as mus b evident from my recent posts! Writer’s block, as they claim... So, who’s sponsoring my trip to an exotic destination to get my brain cells stirring?!!

Talking about exciting and stirring, did u feel the earthquake in Pune at dawn on Wednesday? Around 3.15 am, I felt the bed wobbling and gripped my mum thinking it was her who was moving the bed (pretty Herculean of her to move a double bed so effortlessly!) In turn, she clutched onto me, and both of us started wondering wat was happenin. Not until the door rattled, did we realize that we were experiencing a quake. It was scary, I’ve never felt the tremors so distinctly. There was this huge one, and then a more constant, longer and milder one. Merko laga this is the last nite of my life! Whoosh...

In times of strife, a person invariably worries about self. Jaan hai toh jahaan hai. Even in airlines, the crew suggests you wear your masks and safety gear first and then help your fellow passengers. When mum and I discusd the event the next day, both of us admitd dat v wer thinking of ways to protect ourselves –getting under the bed, standing in a corner, etc. However, neither of us actually got up to do so or even tell the other wat v wer planning! V jus lay dumbstruck by the earth’s wobbly dance, and content wid our own thot processes...

This is something I thot I’d never say - narcissism ends at a point! Just like my obsession with my own blog ended one fine day this week and I was browsing for blogs written by others. The person who introduced me to blogging bowed outa blogger, and now has a stagnant page (which disappoints me coz she has impeccable English language skills). However, I’m amazed at the variety of people writin all over the globe! People wid zero language skills, people wid nuthin extraordinary to write about, people who seek action in the mundane, people obsesd wid their cities and studies. Some selling their wares, some displaying a host of snaps showcasing apparel and gadgets, some talking abt their kids, passions and books/comics, some about their adventures and holidays, and yet others ranting about business and cinema in their own languages. (I stumbled upon some that I can’t quite mention here widout bein flagd!!) (Come to think of it, if my mentionin them can get me flagd, y aint they flagd for having the blog in the first place! Watevaa... Whoeva said the world was a fair place?!!) You can check a few of my picks at the bottom of this page. Hope you enjoy them.

Hey, before I forget, leme tell ya this. This blog’s gona reach the half-a-century mark soon. 46 posts down. (This is the 47th one). Leme know if u wish to input anything. Completely my pleasure! Let’s celebrate people!!!

Rest is best... Will get back to u at the earliest... Won’t forget ya, I promise!


P.S : You must be wonderin y my blog’s lukin different. Added and modified quite a few things. Getting more professional and commited now ;-) My aim is to get noticed and be listed as a blog of note in blogger... Someone got close to 100 comments on the blog, and here I am, grappling wid no number greater than 5... If others can, so can I! Wid all ur help, and wid all my luv... Anuja

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Sibi said...

hey princess,
how u doin?masta kar diya ekdam blog apna.haiiiiiin?o ji kamal car ditta tussi.mennu useless fcts bhot pasand aaya si.yo blog was surely a blog of note.wat makes it tat?well the things tat u write and the way u xpress things makes it a blog of it.waitng for d nxt post...byeeeeeeee.


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