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Saturday, August 30

Sach aur Saahas


August almost winding up, and come to think of it, it doesn’t feel like too long ago when I celebrated New Year’s! Time’s a-flying buddies... The city’s gearin up for Ganeshotsav, and I’m tryin to rise above my varied work responsibilities... GASP!!!

Hey, I forgot to mention my review of the movie Phoonk in the last post, but dats exactly wat the film is - Forgettable. A few Qs may ease the understanding process...

Q1. WHY was this movie made?
Q2. WHY is the lead hero (crow) not acknowledged in either the credits or d title?
Q3. WHY does cackling Amma (Grandma) shake her head aka Amitabh in Black?

If RGV’s idea was to exploit the public by his aggressive and come-hither tactics of announcing a 3 lac Rupees award for watching d movie alone, then Ramu, ur goin d wrong way... It may attract people to the theatre, but dnt ask which way ur gona get it bac after they sit thru d 2 hour nonsense, hoping for a few edge-of-d-seat moments and being horribly disappointed. Since Aag, u seem to hav gone bonkers, what wid tryin to create an eerie environment by focussin d camera in crazy angles on weird murals, paintings, toys and statues strewn around the house. But well, dat dsnt quite make up for the lack of “bhootiya-giri” in the movie. Black magic in its simplest avatar. To seek revenge, a crazy woman wid her henpeckd hubby do sum jadoo-tona, jantar-mantar on a young gal, her atheist Dad’s laadli. Amidst the age-old feud between babas and psychiatrists, the climax shows a few scenes dat cud’v been creepy had they nt been so predictable and juvenile. Utter crap. Bhoot (starring THE diva of the millenium Urmila Matondkar) was so much better...

Anyways, did u kno thrs a sale on at Crossword? Good collection. But wat caught my eye was the fact that thrs a writer-in-the-making in every student of IIM! Or at least, they wud like to believe so! Anyone’s writin a book these days, and everyone thinks they’v got a story to tell. The entire spate of IIM pass-outs is describing their daily experiences in IIM, their love stories (or the lack of thereof), their faculty and peer conflicts, and other paltry details with great gusto. Quality-wise, the books are duds. All thanks to one-book wonders like Chetan Bhagat and Anurag Mathur, who’v breathed life into an entire generation of semi-talented (and non-talented) dreamers... Us hisaab se merit oh 8 – 10 kitaabe chhap jani chaiye na! ;-) Bachnaaaa ae deewano! Join the bandwagon! Heehee... Good for the Indian book industry, at least in terms of numbers, but not too good for an average reader who doesn’t know which book to buy (which dsnt make a difference either coz each book is more or less the same). So, if u’v got noone else, I can consider offering u recommendations free of cost. Now ain’t I generous?!!

Was watching this show on Star World, I think it’s called Your Moment of Truth. Not too long before apna Hindi channels cash in and copy this reality show as well (to name a few, The Weakest Link, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader...) The scheme this time is, there’s a series of embarrassing and dangerous Qs about your own life that you need to answer truthfully in order to win the prize money. U risk getting kicked outa relationships, ur job, ur home, and most importantly u risk losing ur self-esteem and dignity. I’m nt sure how reliable the polygraphs are, but it’s pretty easy to see whether a person is lyin or not from his/her expressions and behavior (at least for me, I hav a PG in Psychology yaar!). Probably the worst part is, you hav ur spouse, children, parents, friends, colleagues sitting right in fronta u, so its kinda tough to answer Qs like “Would you cheat on ur wife if she cudnt find out?” and “Do you watch pornography without any1’s knowledge?” and “Do you steal from work?” and “Do you resent your parents for not accepting ur spouse?”, etc. I mean okie, I win a cool $100,000 but what’s the point if it leaves me wid no1 to care, love or respect me? Worse, I may get sued and exiled! Not my cup of tea. Not that I hav too much to hide, yet y hurt people around me any more than I already do?! Naah... Harishchandra, this one’s for you!

One wonderful thot I got by SMS before I end this post:
All things in life are temporary.
If they’re going well, enjoy them.
They wont last forever...
If they aren’t, don’t worry.
They cant last forever either...



sumant said...

and the best critic award gpes to bossyy..hey u didnt mention abt the book u gonna buy from crossword...the one u mentioned..nice one...looking fwd to ur nxt..till then keep smiling..

Unknown said...

hey FYI the hero in phoonk was Sudeep.. from kannada industry ...
atleast for that i saw the movie :)

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