Monday, August 25

Love and life

Hiya pals!
Its so amazing to reach home after a “hard” day at work, prop ur legs up on the sofa and relax with a hot cup of ginger tea (made by mum, if I may add) and delve into the pleasures of channel-surfin! Aahh, pure unadulterated bliss! My remote usually stays a moment longer on HBO, known for its wonderful movie fare. Sometime last week, a mermaid movie was goin on. Never having seen one before, and having nothing else to watch, I decided to linger a bit. It was a tad scary, especially when the innocent looking thing opened its eyes and swallowed a man whole! Woah... And when she screamed it was like a high-pitched wail, similar to a dolphin’s or a bat’s (whatever makes the ears bleed). Anyway, my understandin of the story was there’s this troupe of sailors who catch a mermaid and plan to take her to NY to become rich and famous. But what happens is they catch the Queen of the lot who is the provider for the other mermaids and how she finally destroys them all but one; a woman (“Lily”) who is later rendered dumb coz none that see the island of mermaids live to tell the tale. What was the movie called? The She Creature. Not really a must watch, but bearable if u’v nothing else to do. This week, I saw a bit of Son of the Mask; as crazy and as silly as The Mask, but probably cuter coz thrs a funny, smart baby and a comical, scheming dog.

Work’s getting busier. Not too many off-sites happening for me (thankfully), but there’s tons to do as I provide support for the admin and sales processes. My modules are turning out well, but only time (and my supervisors) will tell how good they actually are... What I’m reading at the moment? Body Language at work (did u kno women r regarded as body language experts the world over?!!), and The Last Don (Mario Puzo) at home. The latter is currently turning out like the entry scene of Bollywood’s Hum Saath Saath Hai. A gazillion of characters introduced every minute, and a disconnected storyline that plunges the reader into a Chakravyuh similar to Abhimanyu’s... Maybe I shud jus hold my review until the plot catches on...

Do we choose the people we meet? Do we choose to like/dislike them? And more importantly, do we choose who stays? Wish the answers were “Yes, yes and yes”. It would save us from the hurt and anxiety that accompanies mistaken intentions and unfulfilled wishes and desires. How wonderful it wud b if v cud command and direct our mind, heart, body and behavior! And how uncomplicated life wud be! Unfortunately, v end up likin people v can’t have, and we hold those we do in contempt. V don’t meet our “perfect” mates at the right time, and our contemporaries fall short by miles in every way. People u love walk away and people u cant stand fall in love wid u... The heart has no choice but to tide over its many hurts and mend its broken dreams. And thankfully, time co-operates... Time, the best healer, comes to the rescue and remedies wat life injures. However, the heart needs much more than merely time to move on... Love... Luv can dry ur tears if nt stop them, and love can bring a smile to faces that hav forgotn the sound of laughter. It can fetch hope when joy shirks your way, and it can get u up whn burdens weigh u down... M crazy about love! And for those of u who agree, life’s a great way to live! For those who don’t, I pray u attain ur own insights soon. As a very wise man once said (or was it a woman?!) “Learn from others’ mistakes, coz life’s too short to make them all!!” Love’s wonderful! And life widout love, merciless and bleak. Here's wat others say...

Love is when you look into someones eyes,and see everything you need - Kristen Kappel
The best things in life can never be kept;They must be given away.A Smile, a Kiss, and Love - Tony Farrar
And my fav of d lot... If you have love, you dont need to have anything else. If you dont have it, it doesnt matter much what else you have - Sir James M. Barrie

Love ya!

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sumant said...

hey tht was good..some awesome lines..eric segal will be ashamed of himself of not taking a foreword from u after this. sade bin al habibi habibi.... ; )


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