Saturday, August 2

Love's Labor Lost

A wonderful line by a simple wise guy that captured the essence of all I’ve felt thus far in life... "I travel away so far... but still I don’t forget anything...."
And a poem by yours truly that puts the details in a nutshell...

I start loving too easily,
I get attached too soon;
Though it’s a boon initially,
It ends in nothing but gloom.

I become the other, I give all I got,
In dark wilderness, at love a shot;
A hundred aches and setbacks,
Every step a prayer for mercy;
Bearing in my heart a million cracks,
Bleeding on thorns woven into coats lacy.

Each time I trip, I vow to watch
Where I set my foot,
But when I see a cozy face,
My sensibility gets a boot.

With hope I wear a smile so wide,
Feeling “THIS time it’s for keeps”;
Not realizing this is yet another ride,
And sorrow again in heaps...

I wish I’d take a break,
And stop messing life for you,
Leave you to your ideal self,
And in the bargain, be happy, too.

Is it why they say, in love you FALL?
The list of smiles so petty,
And grievances Eiffel tall...

Lonely Princess


sumant said...

awesome..keep writing such stuff.. & happy frndship day : )keep smiling

Sibi said...

The first four lines are as true as a i was reading i wished this poem may never end...jus wnted to drown even more into the poem..felt each word cause before reaching my mind these words made a mak in my are getting better and better day by day...please continue with this n give me more of this impeccable lines and undefinable feelings..

Princess said...

thanks sibi for ur comment... i think d lines form thmselves when i thnk wid my heart... as i almost alwes do! keep watchin dis space for mo!cheerss.....


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