Tuesday, December 29

We're Too Different ...

Well, hello there!

Been a while since I penned poetry, a realization that dawned when a fellow poet and colleague shared his creations. 

Somehow poetry is the last thing on my mind even as I contemplate a hundred imaginary things on a daily basis. To set words in rhyme needs a very positive frame of mind, and galloping behind a kid is not a very conducive environment for that, you see. 

However, here is a little something that flowed out not so long ago... 
The context we shall ignore, but here's the poem for you to mull over. 

All you people who think compatibility is a concern when two individuals are poles apart in thought (not values). This should leave a mark and set you thinking...

You say we are too different, 
And I heartily agree.
But how different
Are we exactly? 

I love you, 
Don't you love me? 
You miss me,
Don't I miss thee? 

Being different is a boon, 
It makes us a formidable force. 
To tackle all the challenges, 
That knock on our doors. 

It means the best of both worlds, 
We can give to our lucky lives. 
The crazy and sensible stuff I bring
To your practical and unplanned side. 

I do what you enjoy, 
And you do as I say. 
We rejoice and succeed together, 
Come what obstacle may. 

It won't be too easy, 
Far from a cakewalk divine. 
But I know I shall be yours forever, 
And you mine until the end of time. 

That's what brought us together, 
Only to drive us apart. 
We can sort out all the mess, 
If we try from the heart. 

Be the man of my dreams, 
And I'll be your wife charming.
I don't want to let you go, 
You're my life, my darling. 

I know I can be tough, 
Yet I belong to you.
If I am my worst at times, 
Help me be better, won't you? 

I'll try all I can
To make you smile, my dear
Will you not try as well, 
To keep us both near? 

Let's make a life pleasant, 
And gift to each other ease
Let's bring back to our lives, 
Success, joy and peace.

Maybe this test of time
Was a wake up call for us, 
Maybe we ought to consider
Before we miss the bus. 

The ball now lies
Rolling in your court. 
You're the general and leader
Of my heart and our fort. 

Choose wisely!


And for those who are waiting in the wings wanting you to fail...

Nimbu mirchi to them ;-)


Live it up!



Vishal Bheeroo said...

A beautiful and powerful poem. May you shine together and achieve your dreams:)

Princess said...

Thank you so much Vishal for all your kind wishes and affection.

May your life and heart be filled with umpteen joy :-)


Cheryl said...

Wonderful poem. a lil something to take home for every couple that swears they are different from each other .

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