Thursday, December 17

Free Times!

Back sooner than you thought, aren't I?!!

(Thank God, for once....!!)

Have you noticed how on the days when you have a multitude of tasks and no time to breathe, you actually end up accomplishing more than you do on a normal, breezy day? 

I have realised it since my dear Mom has taken the kiddo off my hands for a few days while I get some "me" time to do things that I say I don't find time to do. 

Ironically, I wait all day for the little bub to give me 5 minutes of peace, and then when he actually does (which is only when he faints with exhaustion after running around nonstop all day), I yearn for him to wake up as I don't know what to do with my time...

So Day 1, I spent walking around the house like a zombie looking around for things that needed to be done and wondering if I have really become such a sorry loser that I have nothing to do in the evenings apart from waddle behind Aarush. 

Day 2 was slightly better. I managed to catch up with some good friends as well as my best friend - much needed sleep. 

Day 3 - Getting used to the relaxed pace and mental state, I lapped up some Maggi while my eyes devoured Karna's Wife (the book). Got about 20 pages left before I move on to the next one on my shelf. I thought I'd go to the gym that's newly opened in my society, but then I decided I needed a haircut more than I needed abs. 

Thank Jawed Habib for his Xpreso idea and outlets - I'd probably have to die with kilometer length locks if it weren't for his economical haircuts. I mean who spends 500-900 bucks on hair that doesn't even look trimmed or styled? It's all so ridiculously overpriced, and I think we allow these outrageous prices by patronizing expensive service providers. We're too tolerant, I say... 

Since consumers don't lend me their ears and minds, HairXpreso it is for me. 149 bucks and I am bouncy hair-wise and happy-wise. Yayy!

And then, this morning, the man of the house wakes me up (for a change) and insists we head to the gym together. He is a person who loves his sleep, and this love is only aced by his obsession for exercise . He can sacrifice everything in the world to have the flattest abs and the fittest muscles, and he is blessed to have a good physique (drool) and wiry body (double drool). 

So, the hubs wakes me up and goes hunting for my shoes in the shoe rack and calls out to me all of 4 times to tell me that I need to join him in the gym ASAP. I start with a "No, I am sleepy" to a "Do you really want to go?" to "Are you sure?" to "Yeah, I'm coming." I slip on my shoes, call my maid to reach me at the gym when she gets home, and scamper to the treadmill where I watch the man already going bam-bam-bam on the poor racing track. 

More out of concern for the safety of the treadmill than real passion for exercise, I take my place on the track as the hubs moves on to test the cycle. Considering that it was pleasant, cool morning, I thought I might as well roam in the outdoors, but he wanted me to hang around with him (and I suspect he wanted to show off his moves and bod). So, I indulged him and he started guiding me how to use the treadmill (like he owned it). LOL. Sweet!

It felt amazing. Crooning as I walked, first at a measly 3 km/hr speed moving on to 5 and then 6 and 7 km/hr, burning close to 160 calories in 30 minutes. I think I do better on a regular walk than I did at the gym, but I guess it's a start after a long gap, and I don't want to end up too tired and give up after the first day. Aarush has helped me shed all my pregnancy weight, but I am not in the best of shape so I believe it's the right time for me to hit the gym as a daily routine... 

At least as long as Aarush is with his grandma... 

Turns out that I managed to get all the home chores done and reached office earlier than usual. Yayy! Good start to a great day.

Quite a few good movies that could be watched - Good Dinosaur (I love animation) and Hunger Games (I like the brave, pretty chic).  

Thanks Hubs. See you in the gym tomorrow :-) 


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