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Customer Service: A Myth

Happy New Year!

A myth, by definition is: an idea or story believed by many people but is not true. 

Simply put, a myth is a fictitious or imaginary thing. 

While I am a connoisseur of mythology (all those interesting bunch of Greek/Indian/etc traditional and fantastic stories), the lack of customer service is a glaring reality that does not amuse me at all. 

While I've raved sufficiently about this topic in a myriad of blog posts, my chagrin is far from over. This time around, a fresh set of stale experiences that left me fuming, and frustrated. 

Read on...

Story 1: 
Claypot restaurant in Kharadi does not need customers. No, I'm not saying this. The owner did. He categorically told my husband that Claypot does not need patrons and they have enough. 

When we moved to our new Kharadi abode over a year ago, we frequented the very same eatery for its tasty parathas and great service. 12 months later, the state of affairs is sorry to say the least. The food is far from delicious (and distant from being well-cooked), and the service is atrocious. The owners are a set of arrogant beasts who do not listen to requests and feedback, and curtly hang up on you without sparing a moment's courtesy. I had to wait over 50 minutes for a pair of paneer parathas that I'd ordered for the baby since I did not have the time to cook, and when they arrived 30 minutes after the promised time, they were soggy and poorly fried. I called the restaurant 10 times and each time the pig-headed owner answered the call and disconnected without saying hello as he knew I was calling to complain. My  husband personally went to give him an earful, and was told that he needn't order again as they had a flourishing business and could do without our patronage. Reminds me of Punjab sweets in the vicinity that had the same sick attitude and were almost driven out of business once the amazing India Sweets came right opposite my place. 

Products are definitely a driving factor, but service comes out tops when you want to secure clientele. Unfortunately, Claypot is going down the wrong path, and with numerous food joints mushrooming in the Zensar and EON IT area, they're inviting doom by behaving in this pathetic manner. Kudos to your arrogance, Team Claypot. Let's see where it gets you. 

Story 2: 
Ola sucks. 

I and my husband have been regular customers for Ola and their drivers as well as customer (non) service is hideous. 

I was yelled upon, abused and humiliated by one of their drivers (not the only one this month) because my husband's Ola account functioned erroneously and did not credit the amount he had recharged. Helpless and angry, we moved to Uber and it's been a smooth ride (pun very much intended) thus far.

Story 3:    
This is an old one, but still alive in my memory and unforgiven in my books. 

Lilam Enterprises. 

A maid agency that does not have or supply maids, but only takes the commission upfront and keep duping and avoiding the clients. 

Maybe it was my own fault that I did not check online for reviews before I contacted and paid them. Had I done that, I would have come across the hundreds of bad reviews that they earned by duping their customers. I am now 10 grand short that I paid as commission and more than 10 grand down due to the multiple calls I made to them over the course of the year. They keep promising that they will send a maid, send one and tell her to leave within a few days/weeks, then promise to send another and don't do anything about it. A handful of people keep answering the phone (if you're lucky) and keep giving different names that make you want to knock their heads off. "2 days" is their standard response and there is no action/outcome for the next 20. 

Finally, I closed the matter and stopped contacting them. 

Like everyone else. 

That's not all. Be it Flipkart delivery or Make My Trip representatives, everybody is out to show you how little you matter to them. 

I've been in the customer service industry a long time. All business and jobs are finally about customer service. Be it internal or external customers. Our motto is to keep them happy. I guess I (and a few others) are the only ones thinking about this goal. Coz everyone else that I am interacting with has no such concept in mind. 

Customer is no longer god. Customer is a beggar who keeps seeking fair service and expecting a little empathy, but only gets kicked in return. Since he has no option, he learns to put up with the kicks, coz everybody offers them gallantly and unabashedly. 

Indians don't know customer service, can't offer it, and don't expect it. 

Any refreshing winds of change this year? 

Let's do this, one person at a time. Let's start with you and me. 

Hopefully, the rest will take cue. 

Else we suffer on. Year on year. 



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