Monday, May 13

Reviews and Gyaan

Hello there!

Watched Go Goa Gone? It's as cool as Delhi Belly, both in terms of language as well as the story. I loved Kunal Khemu's acting though Saif was annoying - to the eyes as well as ears. The movie is funny, and a nice 2 hour pastime. The songs are smartly cut short to suit the fast pace of the plot. Yet I am crazy about Khoon Choos Le and Slowly has nice beats. Go watch GGG if you haven't already. It's an A rated film that I am going to rate 4.5 on 5. Might even watch it again!

I've heard Shootout at Wadala is a fine film as well, but they're all the same to me - Shootout at Lokhandwala, Wadala, Chakala and Khandala... A few item songs with scantily clad girls doing raunchy moves and more than essential violence and dirt. Naah. I'd much rather watch Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali or Gippi. Kiddie movies suit me just fine, exactly like my Cotton Candy favorite at Baskin Robbins.

I've turned the last page of Oath of Vayuputras and the book had me bawling towards the end, shan't tell you why if you don't know. Cant give out the spoiler which is the most friggin awesome part of Amish's trilogy. Mannn, what a woman! Sati is incredible. And Shiva is magnificent. Superb writing there, Amish. Well done! I'm hoping the upcoming films on these books live up to the wondrousness as I now embark upon Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi. His last book Chanakya Chant seemed quite engaging, but it had me skipping paragraphs and pages midway when it dragged. I'm hoping this one is better, though I have been warned otherwise...

Belated Happy Mother's Day and Akshaya Tritiya by the way! I wish you'all loads of success and happiness in your lives. While my ambition was to lead a happy day this day so that the bliss stayed for eternity, it did not entirely happen that way. My personal motto is "Na kisi ko dukh do, na kisi se dukhi ho" (=Don't let anyone upset you, and don't hurt anyone)... Amen to that!

To take this endeavor ahead, I was just randomly browsing the internet and I came across some videos on YouTube that made a lot of sense to me. Here's what I saw and absorbed from Dan Connor, Susan Fee and others. Hope it helps you and me, too.

When you feel your temper soaring due to something obnoxious that someone has said, here's how you can respond to keep the situation in control:

"That's interesting - Why would you say that? / Why would you do that? / Tell me more / Why would you ask that?"

(While you should make this a part of your verbal repertoire, pls use it judiciously in apt situations. Else the purpose is lost and you just become an arrogant prick.)

Another cute guy on the web said "Focus on Expression, not Impression". Don't bother about making some kind of impact on the audience, instead pay attention to what you are saying. That is often what matters while people are judging you. In any case, you should not bother too much about what people think of you. Coz the more you obsess about it, the more unpleasant and unwelcome you become among them. You cannot please everyone and you should not even aim to! Rather, change your perspective and everything else changes.

The only way to not be criticized is to blend in, to hide. But then, nothing great was achieved this way. Identify what is truly important, and be careful who you seek feedback from else the wrong folks will deflate and de-motivate you. Desensitize yourself and ask the right questions so that you get the suitable answers which help you grow.

Dan Connor from yells too much. I know the loud and shocking factor works for some but it appears fake and pushy to me. Susan Fee, on the other hand, comes across as a very pleasant, intelligent and positive individual. However, both of them said stuff that struck a note with me. Like when Dan said, "Be kind, it's okay not to always be right". Your ego tricks you, and you must chuck it rather than making wrong decisions that you might regret later. Wise words that I know a lot of people can benefit from, but I am also doubly sure that they are not going to be reading this....

Susan Fee spoke about when it is okay to speak and when one should stay silent when dealing with a difficult person. Here's her twopence:

Speak up when:
- silence could be damaging to your or someone's reputation or relation
- you have a clear desired outcome in mind, not just vague philosophies

- the comment is behavior based and a specific change is expected

However, you better be silent when:

- you wish to seek revenge/hurt someone through your words - this might offer a temporary release but it is negative and does not solve anything
- the comment is personality based or talks about universal observations
- you are unwilling to accept responsibility and contribute to the solution - if you want the other person to do 100% and more without chipping in

This does not mean that you bottle up your feelings or clam up. This will work in reverse, as you will start venting one day without any constructive result.

Apart from the above, I also looked up power / danger phrases and emotional vampires. But that is something you might wish to explore on your own if interested.

Time for me to implement what I have gleaned! Have a gorgeous week ahead, guys. Monday blues are blowing away!!



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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Nice pointers about being nice. Why? I think Shoot Out at Wadala is nicely made. I mean, I like it and izz gud fun about underworld. Howzz u doing?

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