Thursday, May 23

I - IBMer

Hey there!!

Must tell you this before anything else.... I and hubby dearest were just getting ready to sleep (which indicates that we were in bed but I would not finally stop talking for the next half hour or two, with him listening patiently, praying in his heart that I would just doze off mid-sentence).

So, the mad woman that I am, I started singing aloud(not very melodiously) - "Kaan khujaanaa, Kaan khujaanaaaaaaaaaa...."

My adorable husband, always ready to lend me a hand, immediately (and if I may add a little mystified), started scratching my ear, as I continued humming - "Ungliiii ghusodddd ke... Khooooooooooon choos le tu mera khoooooooon choos le, bloody khooni Monday tu mera khoooooooon choos le."

Hubby looks at me non-plussed. A stupid line from a song in Goa Goa Gone was not something he was expecting at Monday midnight.

Never mind...

So, I have completed 3 years at IBM - let me take a bow! The longest tenure yet in my career that started with Optimos (1.5 years as an undergrad), followed by Inlingua (2 years as an Arts graduate), Alchemy (1 year as a Psychology postgrad) and Yellowbox (less than a year - a mistake). Over 8 years of work experience with more than 7 years in the training domain. It's been great - so much learning, so many experiences, a whole lot of exploration externally and within myself...

IBM's been a great employer. I've grown tremendously here as an individual and professional. Got loads of opportunities - a few that came my way and I excelled at, others that I identified and grasped with both hands. From a trainer of executives to an OD trainer to a master trainer coaching new trainers, I've come a long way baby. And there's still so much more to come. I recall I'd said that I would spend at least 5 years at IBM - well, my word is 60% kept. Highs and lows, deceptions and motivations, frustration and joys, making new friends and losing some - scarcely have I missed anything so far. I did miss my dream of being the fastest promoted AM here. I thought I could accomplish this feat in 2 or less than 3 years. My work was on target, but jerks were more successful at their practised shit of screwing good people's happiness. Life...!!!

Too much familiarity breeds contempt - knowing the people and processes here, sometimes things get a little too annoying and unbearable. What and who they are is not the point here. The point is that every company has its own set of factors that are positive and negative. But better a known devil than an unknown one. Or it just a case of not wanting to leave the comfort zone?

I remember a tale that goes like this : A young couple were moving into a new apartment and they went and met one of the neighbours - an old man who lived next door. When they asked him how the people in that building were, he counter questioned, "How were they in your earlier locality?" "Oh horrible!" the woman replied. "Well, they are the same here", responded the old man. Another time another couple went up to him and asked the same question and he asked them the same thing. This young lady said, "They were all sweethearts. It was lovely being there." The old man answered, "They are the same here."

It's not about how other people are. It's about how you are. That's what determines how well you will fare with a set of people or processes.

But something that I recently read on Facebook also makes a lot of sense - Before you disregard yourself as suffering from depression or low self esteem, check and confirm that you're not surrounded by a bunch of assholes... True eh? Birds of a feather flock together. So if you're feeling lonely, it's probably because the rest are a fugly (=fucking ugly) gang.You're better off alone than a member of this horrid kitty. And I am living this motto now. It's pointless to try and fit in when the people around you are not even worth knowing, forget befriending. Find the kind of people that really inspire and adore you, and you admire. Those are the sort of people who matter anyway. Not these bunch of snobbish idiots. They'll never get ahead in life, and they'll keep you down with them. Let them talk behind your back, that's the best position to lick your ass anyway... Which they sooner or later will... Coz ability and sincerity take you ahead in the long run, even if lowly means take you on a short sprint at the outset.

Time to run and rock :-)

Coz rolling stones gather no moss !!


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey Anuja
Such a light-hearted post. Soul curry for the soul and I so love the story about the young couple. It's what we make our life all about that matters. I so agree. Surround urself with good people, in the company of fucked up ur mind screwed..the loud singing was soo much fun..i started laughing. ur hubby dint get scared listening to u singing out of the blue..bloody monday? How, I miss it:)

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