Wednesday, May 8

And we meet again...

And here I am... exactly a month after my last post - a million apologies, peeps. Been unbelievably, ridiculously busy. And if you know me well, you must know that this is not a word I use frivolously like most others. I manage to find time no matter how preoccupied I am. So, if I have genuinely not been able to drop a line, pardon me. But tell me you understand... and that it's all right :-)

Its no surpise that life after marriage gets busier. Now as I complete one year of blessed matrimony, I realise a hundred times over how true that is! A full time job and full time housework afford me absolutely no time to do all the lafantargiri and awaragardi that I used to endlessly engage in earlier. Wake up early in the morning (afternoon, for us MNC night owls), start cooking for the hubby even before you sip a glass of water, have a rushed milk shake for breakfast and then hurriedly pop some bites in your mouth as the awaiting cab threatens to leave without you... Whatta life! But then, coming back home and cuddling with the hubby totally makes up for it. Unless we're bickering, of course. In which case, everything, life included, is a total waste and pain.

I'm filled with a lot of different thoughts and emotions as I write today. The weird bit is not the variety, but the mixed quality of these feelings. While I adore my mum and salute her for all that she has done for me (and keeps doing, of course), yet I get pissed no end when she doesn't listen (physically) or obey (intentionally). It's not just about failing senses, it is also about a person who you care about not realising that their body needs to slow down as it cannot possibly keep pace with the mind and desires. She stresses herself physically and mentally, and I become the villain for pointing this out to her. Darn! Talk about life being contradictory.

My husband... the awesome person that he is... yet there are times when things just get so horribly exasperating! Now, don't for a moment assume that I am being unreasonable and I want a person to be perfect. He already is, in a lot of ways, and that is precisely why I got hitched! The point is he wants me to back off whn we are not together and not bother him by asking him to keep in touch. Really? And then tiny issues get escalated and grrr... And then, there we are again, knowing fully well that neither of us can live without the other.... As if things were never wrong even for a moment...

But never mind that... Such are the ironies of life. The people that you love the most are often the ones that you cant stand or understand.

I am now past midway through the Oaths of the Vayuputras. The book drags in the beginning but soon increases pace. Some parts of it are terrific, and the characters are brilliant. Especially Karthik and Parvateshwar. And the romance between Shiva and Parvati, not to mention... I hope to finish this book soon, and then move on to Krishna Key, a Jeff Arch novel, Manuscript of Accra and the incomplete part of Ravana.

Watched Ek Thi Daayan and loved it... what great acting! Also saw Iron Man 3 (drags in places where you can't see Robert Downey Jr's face) and Bombay Talkies (okay-okay). Been singing Aashiqui 2 songs (Tum Hi Ho) and also Ilahi from Jawaani Deewani something that stars Ranbir and Deepika. Over and out on the entertainment and hobby bit.

Professionally, I am expecting some positive results at work. Have worked hard. The cycle has been set in motion and the bad karma is moving away. It's just a matter of time. High time!

Take care! May the force be with you (and me).

- Princess

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