Monday, May 28

To Fix it All...

She could see the pain in his eyes when he ogled at her. He thought she wouldn’t notice. But she knew. Everyone did. It was so obvious. He could have screamed it out and it would still have sounded softer. His anguish was blaring.

He thought by ignoring her, by not acknowledging her presence, he would succeed at forgetting her. But even when he tried to criticise her, by bitching about her, he revealed how much he missed her… How badly he needed her… How incomplete and lost he felt without her.

He failed to fool himself, and nobody else was duped either.

His unspoken frustration was heard and pitied. It would make so much more sense if he openly admitted it and tried to make amends, try at least, to set things right.

But those days were gone. There was nothing he could do now.

Time and tide wait for no man.

She had waited. She had done all that she could, and she had waited for him, despite his eccentricities and idiosyncrasies.

And he had failed her. He had shamelessly thrown away everything that he now desperately wanted.

It was no use, crying over spilt milk, he said. So, he amused himself by saying shameful things about her.

Trouble was, nobody believed him. They only felt sorry for him, and his insolent imprudence.

Is there ever a way to go back and live life the right way? Correct all the mistakes made and make all the appropriate choices?

What would you do if there was a way…???

Better a mistake than a regret...

... So they say...


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