Wednesday, May 2

Amen to Life... and Struggles

Have you seen the Mula river, the part near the Holkar bridge?

Its surface is filled with green plants – water hyacinth, I believe (that’s the only relevant one I remember from my school days).

The other day, when I passed by that area, I grew extremely restless. I couldn’t take my eyes off the view nor could I blow away this feeling of dread and doom.
A gurgling, flowing river would never allow plants to grow on top of the waves. Nor would it permit them to stay and cover its entire surface to the extent that it appears like a green lawn rather than a blue stream.

When one living thing tolerates another living on top of it, what happens to its own life?
Death is imminent, if not today, then tomorrow. However, dying while you’re still alive, is that what some living things aim for? Is that considered virtuous and praiseworthy?
Nothing personifies life as accurately and beautifully as a river. Its swaying curves, the liveliness around its banks, the soothing sound of the waters, the elegance of its confidence and sense of duty towards the awareness to keep moving. A river is synonymous with growth, vivacity and spirit.  

And yet, when it’s flow is successfully obstructed by another thing, living or non-living, should we approve of its flexibility and generosity, or condemn it for being spineless and ambitionless?
I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged recently. Had read Fountainhead earlier and loved it, but was daunted by the size and solemnity of the prequel. The characters in both novels are so strong, so focussed and so assured about themselves and their goals. Howard Roark. Dagny Taggart. Henry (Hank) Rearden. John Galt. Francisco D’anconia...

They, who have the awareness of their purpose in life, are massacred by those that purely exist for making life hell for others without no capability or strength of their own. Yet, the first folks continues to fight and rebel, while the second continue to make their lives difficult. Who wins? Intermittently, the second category. They crush the efforts and the will of the first group, succeeding momentarily yet not emerging victorious in the long run. The first group leaves no stone unturned and no action incomplete. The second set find new and pathetic ways to curb their victories. The productive first folks are exploited and harassed by the second directionless and useless second group.

Would you want the second to take over the first? Coz that’s what is happening with the Mula river that is being encroached and destroyed by the water hyacinth… The river surface is almost entirely covered by the greens, so much so that is appears like a lawn, and not a water body.

I went past the bridge again a few days ago. Noticing a small pool of water in the greens that I hadn’t earlier, I turned to take a better look.

Looks like the concerned bodies have asked for the water hyacinth to be removed.


Long live life and productivity, and the people who make it possible!!!

They might be few, but they shall win in the end.

Don't be afraid of struggles, they make you stronger... and they're a sign that you're alive... Whoever challenged a dead man??

May you win, and may goodness prevail.



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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Wow! I love dis part..They shall win in the ed. In life wheneva we protest against things which is unfair, they will try all cheap tricks in the book to bring us down. I faced it, Anuja. But, the struggle continues and we must stand for our values.
It's such a beautiful post and well described:)

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