Friday, October 22

Thank God for the Twin Sisters

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. Thank god for memory loss.

Add another point there. Thank god for adaptability.

Any guesses as to what would happen without these two blessings in our lives?

I’ll tell you.

(Obviously. The know-it-all loves the sound of her own voice and nothing turns her on like having her opinion heard and appreciated.)

(He he he.)

(Love pulling my own leg.)

(You better not do it.)

(In case you don’t know that yet.)

(Well… Let’s go back to the topic now, shall we, mixed-up, meandering, chatterbox?)

(That’s me, not you, baba.)

(Gosh, how much I yak.)


Right. So, it’s a wonderful capability that we tend to forget and we get used to people and things being or not being there.

I know it’s not amusing and enviable when we misplace something important, or when we can’t recall the name of someone that we bump into after a long time. It’s certainly not fortunate when companions start taking each other for granted, or when a best friend at work quits and moves to another employer.

But you know what? Both the above statements are true, common for all, and (to an extent) good for us.

Think about this. How would it be if you remembered every single incident that took place in your life? All the good, bad, ugly and routine ones. What use would it be if you recalled every single pimple and mark on the face of every single person you have ever met in your life? Your brain would be a filthy trove of useless data, or simply put, a heap of shit that doesn’t get flushed out.


So, don’t get mad when you can’t remember something. It happens to us all, even with the best of memories. (I used to belong to that category once, but then I started repressing too many memories, and now I’ve ended up like Ghajini Part 2. Not bothered. It’s good for me, and for all of you!)

By the way, just in case you didn’t know, I forgive, but I don’t forget. I’ll remember forever how you cracked a stupid joke at my expense and I didn’t find it one bit hilarious.

About the other good thing – adaptability – isn’t it miraculous that we adjust to new people and new surroundings? You can’t keep yearning till the end of time. People die, you miss them, you think life can’t go on without them. But it does. And thank god for it.

You think you’d never get used to a particular place or thing, and you do. It grows upon you, and you start appreciating it for what it is. It gives you something new to look forward to, and to learn – about yourself and others. However much we hate change, we all know it’s the one constant thing in our lives, and we do adapt when it comes our way. Be it a change in your vital stats that you grimace or blush, or a change in your paycheck that makes you smile or frown. We approve of change, though most of us wouldn’t admit it, either to ourselves or to others.

So what if you’re a bachelor who is afraid that his days of freedom are over once he gets married? True, there might be modifications in your expenditure, lifestyle and house that you may find inconvenient. You may have to change your habits and preferences in order to accommodate another human being in your life. But when you look at the big picture – a canvas where your entire life is being witnessed and supported by that one person you can depend on – it’s not that bad. So what if you’re not allowed to drink as much as you did before you wed her? So what if you have to miss your favorite show coz she wants to watch some melodramatic Bollywood movie? At least you know that she loves you, cares for you, and will never leave you. You may have bitter fights for the silliest of reasons, but you’ll never go to bed hungry and lonely…

So, you see, you adjust.

You forget your old memories, old girlfriends, old anxieties and sorrows.

Without these twin sisters, life would be a disaster.


And if you think you’re better off not forgetting and not adjusting, how about your wife not forgetting and not adjusting either?

Nope, being a bachelor till the end of time isn’t the solution.
However appealing it might appear for the time being.

Food for thought.

I sincerely remain,



Anonymous said...

I have the habit of forgetting many things-someone I met over the party who met n say Hi and acknowledged him--later think hard where I've met the bloke or the chick-Happens so many time so this week someone said sumthg--wat was that n who said it?
Yesterday someone was telling me change is gud but I dnt like change though it makes us cant belive its been 4 f*****years we've passed out from college,I hate the gud times getting over..jus dnt like it..the friends,fun times n almost evrythg good that passeth.
I neither forget nor do I forgive,though I do not hold things so much--the rancour part.

Ruchir Kabra said...

Very well said that we'll remember - "every single pimple and mark on the face of every single person you have ever met in your life."

Who in the world would want to recall pimples? I don't :)

On another note, when you know and truely understand that its YOUR life and that every moment counts to live fully, you'll not want to waste time struggling to recall some moment in your life or a person's name or whatever. Instead, you'll use this power to recall some pleasant moments and will LIVE the moment again.

I feel remembering is one of the greatest gift that we are blessed with. Its the absence of this gift that makes us forget that we all are God's best creation and we are caught up with materialistic life.

Think about another situation when a husband is irritated and thus angry with his wife - her beloved who he loves. If only he remembered that he loves his wife and thus cannot get angry with her, he'll be in better control and not let situation control him.

Well, all the above was on a serious note...
What you say is also right to some extent.

Princess said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for writing in, both of you! I do appreciate your points of view, but honestly I think they're two sides of the same coin. Neither can you remember everything, nor can everything be forgotten...

Can't say I'm complaining!


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