Saturday, October 30

Dosti & Destiny


Giggle smirk giggle.

We ended up laughing over the silliest of things and the craziest of topics.

We made the most absurd statements and our imagination was anything but constructive.

Our observations and judgments about people and things would seem insane to a bystander, and yet we were in splits all the time.

We cracked up over nothing and we roared till their sides ached.

I have spent the funniest of my times till date with this boy…

Mature beyond his age, and caring beyond his years, this guy’s a gem. A real gem. The types that’s hard to come by. And once you meet them, you never meet another one like them again. You never forget them either. And their memory always brings a smile or a guffaw.

The number of movies we watched was notable. If I’m not mistaken, we watched a movie every Saturday and Sunday… and sometimes Fridays too if I got off work early. 2012 (where we encountered a gauche bloke who got mighty excited and voluble coz there was a power cut in the theatre), Karate Kid (where we laughed no end coz we heard daft words like “Shya Shya Pongya”, obviously something in Chinese/Japanese), and a host of others.

We had coffee almost every day at Coffee Stop, that small tapri at Model Colony which now commands an entire booth and has customers more numerous than some of the best coffee houses in town.

As we sat there discussing how our day had been and what our worries and dreams were, I realised that having him in my life was very special. A person as dependable and dedicated as him, as honest and protective, was a blessing. And more significant was the fact that he had come by at a very critical juncture in my life, when joys were few and challenges surrounded me in forms weird and daunting.

I met him at my previous organization, a place that I do not remember very fondly for varied reasons. However, if there was one saving grace, it was meeting him. We got along like a house on fire; no wonder people had doubts about our relationship status. That did not bother us; what we had was too special to be compromised just so that others kept their traps shut.

I’ve lost count of the number of jokes we cracked, mostly on him. Not once did he take offense or retaliate. I was the most natural when I was with him; I knew he understood what I said and meant, and that he wouldn’t misconstrue my intentions and words. He made me feel nice about myself, and he made me feel good in the ugliest circumstances.

I still remember the calmness on his face, giving me strength, when I desperately looked at him in a trying situation. He was always ready to lend a shoulder or ear (or anything else) without my asking him. He did not always say the right things, but his presence itself was so comforting, that I had no reason to complain.

He was my best friend… I wish I’d met him sooner.

My wish was his command and he was my genie. Be it food that I wanted to eat, places that I wanted to visit, things that I wanted to do, or stuff that I wanted to buy. He never said no. He looked up to me and I needed him. Not because I had no one else, but because he was like no one I had ever met before.

He made me laugh, and he was there when I cried. He travelled miles for me, and he took care of me when I was rendered incapable by body and mind.

I shouted at him and said the meanest things. Not because I wanted to hurt him, but because I felt upset that he did not understand what I wanted at that moment. I was so used to his knowing me inside out that it disappointed me when he fell short of the benchmark he’d set for himself.

But not once did he shout at me. Not once did he contest me and my right to be rude to him or punish him for no direct fault of his. He knew that I was acting under the influence of hurt or fury, and that once I had sorted or vented it, I would go back to cheerful old self that acted the age I was supposed to – be it a naughty, spontaneous kid or a responsible, sensible adult.

Sorry friend…

I’m thankful to you, in so many ways, you know that.

You’re very special… And I missed you, as a reliable buddy and jolly companion.

Good to have you back!!

- Princess


Anonymous said...

u r lucky to find a gem ....first time on ur blog n trying to read as much as i can today ...u hv wonderful skill to express ...keep writing !!!

god bless
munda sanichari

Anonymous said...

Dear Anuja
A friend is someone who are with us,laugh with us,bear our anger and whop shall be always with us.Cherish the moments-I learned so much with my friends who have been with me. I truly miss the times spent.When I look back,it was as if yesterday.
I'm happy you got your friend back.Friends are the siblings we never had.
I wish you have many more true friends like that.

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