Friday, October 1

Parallel Lives

The louder Emily laughed, the clearer the glistening tears in her eyes became. The more she talked about her merry life, the more obvious it was that she was sad. She came with new bruises and limps every day, and nobody believed when she said it was a rash or an accident.

Jemima was divorced. She gave the impression of being an extremely easygoing, content female. However, the stories doing the rounds proclaimed her an out and out loser; they proclaimed her a pushover trying to get close to any and every guy who would allow her to get intimate. Her overfriendliness made her appear suspicious and the girls were wary of her sharp tongue and hypocritical temperament. They couldn’t really decide whether she was more cunning than dumb, but either way, it didn’t matter.

Ross was going around with a chic from work, but they could not make their relationship public. Several reasons. They managed to hang around now and then and steal a few kisses when no one was looking. Yet he knew he was committed to Mysha like he had never been before. She made him feel alive. She made him feel serene and secure. He wanted to be with her for life. And he knew he would not rest until she was his forever.

Mike knew something was cooking between Ross and Mysha but he couldn’t be sure. Ross was a good friend, and he had denied any connection with the new girl in the team. Mike didn’t know her really well, and besides, he was enjoying a no-holds-barred affair with Jemima. He definitely didn’t love her, and as far as he knew, neither did she. Worked well for both of them. But it had been a while now since they had caught up. Maybe he would call her that night…

The clock struck 3. It was time to log in. Jemima was late as usual, not that anyone would notice. She had hardly slept the previous night thanks to a late night shift and a special late night guest…

Ross tossed around in bed. He was annoyed with the never-ending stream of visitors. The maids, neighbors, security, postman… Wrecked his sleep… He wondered if Mysha had reached work.
“Hey Myshu. I miss you.”

Mysha, sitting at her workstation, smiled when she read the SMS. Here was a kind of guy she never thought she would date, and yet she had felt drawn to him right since day one. She couldn’t point out any one reason for feeling that way, but it all began when he asked her for her phone number. That same night he had messaged – “At the risk of sounding totally stupid and absolutely ridiculous, I would really like to get to know you better.” And she had replied – “There’s nothing ridiculous about that! I would love to…” The rest was history… A tornado of emotions and a bouquet of experiences had ensured that they both soon became inseparable. In fact, they had come as close as to…

Ding dong. Her reverie was interrupted by Emily’s flashing chat icon.

“ How are you hon?

“Hey Em, I’m doing good. How about you?”
“I’m fine, baby. Wanna go for a break? Let’s grab a coffee.”
“Sure. I’ll see you in ten at the cafetaria.”

Mike got into his car and checked if he was carrying his I-card. Yup, it was there. With his faded picture and the moustache that Jemima had drawn one drunken night when they were together.
“Jemmy, can we meet at my place tonight? Reply soon. Mike.”

The day had begun.


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