Thursday, November 4

Besotted with You

I miss you more than words can say,
I wish there was another way;
A way to be in your arms forever,
And watch you as you try to be funny and clever.

I look in your eyes so deep and true,
I try to imagine the dreams they construe;
They say a thousand words as they twinkle,
I read their promises unswerving and fickle.

As I walk around with my hand in yours,
I lose count of the minutes and hours;
I could live my entire life like this,
Knowing that there’s nothing I’d ever miss.

Your thoughts have me sighing all day long,
Not a moment do you leave my mind alone;
I recall and relive every second with you,
With every recollection, everything appears new.

I catch myself imagining our life together,
I look for a sign, fore and nether;
To the angel in you, my soul reaches out,
And I know it’s you, without a doubt.

A thousand what ifs cross my mind,
A million anxieties within me I find;
But when I close my eyes my heart rejoices,
And I know it’s you, amidst all the choices.

Yes, I say, I know it’s you,
This decision, never shall I rue;
Life’s not perfect, no one said it was,
But with you, I know, the bliss won’t pause.

I know I shall smile,
I know there will flights of bile;
I know I’ll sob for you to go away,
But I also know that you shall stay.

I’ll be your mum when you trip on your trail,
I’ll be your best friend when plans fail;
I’ll exult like a wife when things go right,
I’ll be your cheeky partner all through the night.

We’ve both been in love before,
We’ve had our fun and tears galore;
And yet when I see that smile on your face,
I know this time it’s for real, and all fears efface…

If not love, then what is it,
For you, that makes me yearn and posit;
As long as you pledge to be just mine,
I vow, in my sky, you’ll be the only star to shine.

- Princess

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