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Wednesday, June 2



Here I am, 3 weeks an IBMer, and loving it :-) Good people make great companies - I have learnt and accepted this fact. Much to my pleasure.

So much to learn, so much to do, so many people to meet... Really didn't realize how fast time flew. I breeze from one day to the next, and the week is over before I can say "WOW" and the weekend is rapider still...

I've told you before, I don't log onto the internet often, handicapped due to the absence of a laptop/computer at home. But I'm gona fix that soon... Planning to buy a laptop... Maybe by the time you read this, I already have one! Amen...

So, the deal is I post my articles in advance and hence my blog remains updated and active. Thanks all for reading and responding. Always eager to know your feedback and comments.

Coming back to my work - I frankly don't know how much I can share and what I cannot, because IBM like most other big companies has serious confidentiality regulations. We don't even say the real names of our processes, settling for pseudonyms that most folks know anyway ;-)

However, I can tell you that I am aligned to a US process and currently work 2 pm to 12 midnight. Yeah, it's a 10 hour shift, inclusive of 1 hour break time. I take the cab to and fro, and get to meet quite a lot of new folks from different processes everyday. It's nice and disturbing at the same time. Nice coz it's good to network, and upsetting coz you really can't familiarize yourself with everybody and at times you just need to be with the same old people that you already know... Anyway, not a big issue... Hardly a 20 minute minute drive (lesser if you get a crazy, F1 driver!)

The building is massive, with pantries on every alternate floor that serve decently prized, tasty snacks and meals. So, it's bhel one evening and corn cheese sandwich the next, I relish parathas and paneer for dinner or sometimes opt for a chicken wrap or samosa. Not bad, eh?

Oh I almost forgot! IBM has a lot of environmental initiatives, and I once went on a tree plantation drive to the Chatushringi temple. We couldn't really plant any trees as water was scarce, but we laid stones to construct a water pond for birds and small animals that wander from the denser areas of the hill. Got a cute little badge for my effort - it says "I love our Earth". I've pinned it to my lanyard and it feels good :-)

Hey, I watched Kites. And I wish I could have told you earlier it's a DUD! I did tell all my other friends, but could not update that recommendation here sooner. My apologies. I mean what else can you call a story that can be summarized in 3 lines - boy and girl fall in love, girl's don boyfriend chases them, finally the couple commits suicide. WTF?!!! really didn't expect this from FilmKraft and Hrithik.

True, the actor's a delight in every sense; his dance and Greek god looks make him appear scarcely human, and he's even sung a song for the very first time. But wasn't anyone paying attention to the story?!! Barbara Mori, who I am sure guys are swooning over, really didn't impress me much. She's a just another firang... And there's Kangana Ranaut too. Plays the usual psycho. Didn't know she danced so well, though. As far as the movie is concerned - those who haven't yet, PLEASE avoid this one. Not worth wasting the money.

By the way, I watched this movie at R-Deccan, which is the newest multiplex in Pune. It's in the same place as the earlier Deccan theatre was. The only difference is that it's a part of a swanky commercial complex that houses Mochi, KFC and other shops. They have 2 screens, of which one has recliner seats (the ones that go 180 degrees low). Costs about 300-400 per seat, the recliner... Gonna check that out next time, when a better film is released.

What else... Well, I'm terribly worked up about the Mangalore air crash. All those poor people who lost their lives or relatives - its a shame. 160 individuals dead thanks to the negligence of politicians and crew; it's unfair and disgusting. I hardly read the newspaper these days. Its full of gore and bad news. How I wish I could make a rule that the first page of every newspaper/magazine always be good news... People across the country needn't wake up to disaster and sorrow...

What else, what else... Nothing else for now that I can think of... Life is following a set routine, and I'm doing ok. Will let you know when something exciting occurs...

Until then!


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pRasad said...

Nice to read your post..

Congrats for your new job.. :)

I nowdays started getting soo bored in my office.. I am thinking to change the department..:(

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