Wednesday, June 9

Karma Konnection

It’s said that souls are born with human bodies after they commit a given number of good deeds. It’s supposed to be a blessing of the highest order to be born human. And more so, if you’re born in India. Didn’t know that, did you?

Additionally, some people know exactly what they will do/be, either at someone else’s behest or their own vision. So, I see folks who are sure they will be doctors or housewives and nothing else, and I see people who want to travel the world for as long as they live. And it’s lovely to have that knowledge. At least I find it exciting and inspiring.

But I know of other people who would rather discover their calling as they traipse their varied paths. They say knowing beforehand what one is born to do isn’t really motivating. Rather, they’d prefer to experiment and try different things before they freeze on a particular line to pursue as a career/purpose. To explore and identify for themselves their reason for being, as opposed to being born with the erudite information. Or having it thrust upon them, where they have no choice…

The former reminds me of Dhristadyumna and Shikhandi – both kids of King Drupada (Draupadi’s dad) - born to take vengeance. One for his father and the other for her own self. And that is why they began the pursuit of their goal right since their first breath.

Even my schoolmates and peers who knew they wanted to be engineers and accordingly molded their careers in the most apt ways. B.E. then MS abroad followed by jobs and weddings. Life set.

While I was open to checking out the options and then making my selection. So, I thought about going in for Commerce, but then, everybody does it, so why join the rat race? My parents said Science, but I was sure I wasn’t fascinated by the future prospects after putting in abundant effort; I definitely did not want to be a doctor or engineer. Leaves what? Arts. Bring it on. I don’t care what people say. At least it’s my personal choice and I won’t regret it later. And if I do, I’ll blame nobody but myself.

So, which life is better? The one where you know, or the one where you don’t?

Is it better to meet your soul-mate right in school and stay together for life, or to meet a range of people from all walks of life and then choose your partner?

Is it preferable to work in your family business and go the secure way your ancestors trod, or to go from one company to the next, searching for the job where your heart, growth and interest lies?

Providence makes about 60% of the decision. The rest is upto you. And 40% isn’t peanuts.

Draupadi was born with a name she hated. All it meant was Drupad’s daughter, nothing else. I know exactly what she felt, my name means younger sister. Hullo! How egoistic is that?!! Have we no identity of our own except for being someone’s sibling or offspring?

Anyway, my reason for mentioning her in this post is that she was born to end the era of the warriors; she was destined to be the nemesis of the kshatriyas in the Dwapar Yuga. However, she still had a choice. Vyas had warned her not to do three things if she wanted to avoid what was imminent – to hold back her question to Karna at her swayamvar, to hold back her laughter in her palace when Karna stepped into the water, and to hold back her curse when she was insulted in the Kaurava sabha during the game of dice. Yet, she did not (or perhaps could not) control herself and her actions. And fate took its turn.

I remember I’ve asked mum several times why we’re referred to as masters of our own actions when we really are just slaves to our destiny and past actions. Look at Karna and how his life turned out despite being righteous and generous. He was repaying his sins in another birth. So, how can we possibly claim that WE did something, wouldn’t it be more apt that LUCK made us do that thing? That it was pre-destined to be done that way? That the Almighty wrote our naseeb – every event and action in it, the moment we were born on this earth?

There are days when everything is just so right. We wake up in the morning feeling cheerful and relaxed for no reason, and we welcome the day with arms wide open. And as we live through the day, our spirits continue to soar high irrespective of the ups and downs we face. There are also days that are just the opposite. We wake up morose, and whatever happens throughout the day only serves to annoy us further and drag us deeper into the dumps. Who do we hold responsible for this? Who do we turn to, to change what is taking place?

Let me know if you know.

Cheers, and good luck with your ambitions!


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I liked the last para very much :)

"There are many days...."


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