Wednesday, June 16

Update Time!

Yoo hooo!!

My brand new DELL INSPIRON 14R lappie is finally here!!

Take a bow girl, take a bow!

There she is... Hot red and sexy sleek... Woahhh!!! I can't believe it...

Now don't you guys be taken aback by my enthusiasm - it's my first lappie ever, in fact, my first ever personal system. Prior to this, it was either the computer at my uncle's office, a friend's laptop or a cyber cafe comp that had the pleasure of being the focus of my five senses. And now, its THIS!! Hurrayyyyy...

I used to feel like a relic in my growing up days when people all around me, a lot older and much younger to me, flaunted their personal computers while I didn't even have a basic desktop at home. Doing my assignments during school and college on commercial comps was troublesome, but I didn't complain. I bid my time, and here's finally my baby. Oooohhh... Can't take your eyes off her, can you now?!!

Ok, enough of my nautanki ;-)

Say what, I've taken "being a chatterbox" to a whole new level. In Jab We Met, you saw Kareena speaking nonstop when awake, and even in her sleep. What do I do to better that? I read aloud as I type! Yeah... Just realised that when I started at IBM. I speka out the words that I type in business and personal mails, presentations and even chat! Ufff... it's silly and embarassing, but I just can't seem to help it! (FYI - I'm speaking aloud even as I type this... Grrrr!!)

I've been doing a 2 pm to 12 am shift for the last couple of weeks, and though it might seem bothersome to some, it's a delight for me. I can sleep all I want till 11 and I anyway don't go to bed before 1. Suits me just fine. However, I guess I'll be doing a later shift soon. Got to handle a US process where agents come in only by 5ish. No problemo! But it sure will be a challenge for my family that needs to maintain pin-drop silence while I catch my 400 winks :-)

They got their tactics, too. Wise Rathi folks... They place our darling Bhoomik next to me as I snore, and I'm awake before you can say "John Hopkins". I cuddle close to him as he sleeps and I pamper his sleeping arms and cheeks. He's an angel... Bless him! He's 4 months old now, and such a beautiful thing never graced this earth before nor will hence... His cheeks are smoother than porcelain and just as sparkling. He coo's and aah's and aw's when spoken to, and is the jaan of everyone in my immediate and extended family, including neighbors and friends! He loves music, and he loves long hair!! I feel like smacking him when he scratches himself, but he looks at me with such adoring charm that I can't resist giving him a kissie. You should see him for yourself - words aren't half as good!

Hey, I've also been reading a bit when I can. So, I'm almost done with Sybil - a true story, a psychological thriller about a woman with 16 split personalities. it's supposed to be a bestseller, but frankly, I didn't like it much beyond the initial 100 pages. As a breather, I had to put in a couple of pages of BPO Sutra, a book that contains 120 real incidents from BPOs and call centres across India. It's fun at some point and some stories are boring, but ok... Good to know info... What surely blew me off (maybe because the other 2 books I was reading were quite dull) was Melissa Senate's Who's Wedding is it anyway? It's a typical chic flick kinda paperback, where a woman gets a free wedding, but isn't sure whether she loves this perfect guy. Good timepass...

Did you catch the showers this past week? The monsoons have really arrived, Punekars! Most of us are already down with coughs and colds and sore throats and bodies, but no one can deny that the rain brings with a lot of cheer and excitement! And it also brings my budday :-D

Oops, forgot the most important news in all my other bakwas. I watched KARATE KID, and this movie is a bloody-fuc*ing 20 on 10. oO watch it people. There's not a dull moment, and to be honest, you won't know when to blink coz the second you do, you'll miss some superb feat by Jackie Chan or Jaden Smith or the other Kung Fu experts in the film. A movie with people who look good and fight well has to be paisa vasool, right? And then, you get to learn some Chinese too - She She Ha Pongya, Jhing Jhung. (Dont ask me what that means, but it has me and my buddies in splits!)

I also caught Kung Fu Panda and A Bug's Life on TV, and loved them both. The psychological learnings in these animated flicks are brilliant! They teach you things in subtle ways that help you cope more effectively with life. Quick tips? There's nothing called good or bad news. It's only NEWS. Your reactions determine your appraisal and categorizing of it.

Chris Pfeiffer is another hunk that took my breath away. He was touring India with Rannvijay from MTV, doing bike stunts and charming the people throughout the country. Man, what wouldn't I give to catch these folks live and see their stunts?!! Help someone! HELP...

Time to run, be back soon!



pRasad said...

Hey..Even I was looking for one lappy for me & I decided to buy this Dell Inspiron 14 yesterday ( Just decided :D will buy by next week).
Please tell me for how much you got it ? Any negatives ?...Be honest :D ..

Seems like you are having good time..have a fun! That's what life is meant for ..:D right?

Parimaula said...

Hi are you?

Have you seen the original - The Karate Kid...the one that was released in early ninety's?

Do watch it in case you haven't seen. Its a simple yet quite fundoo movie. Few classics i would like to recommend The roman holiday, Breakfast at Tiffiny's

These are also very nice movies...that teach a lot about life and something beyond..


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