Sunday, November 22

Uff Ye Utopia

Sadiyon se kitni tanha rahi hun... Ishq tera bhool gayi hun...

At times, Bridget Jones ceases to be a fictional character.

I often meet women who seem a perfect twin of this character created by Helen Fielding.

Sometimes I think it’s me.

Being a spinster at 25 is a dilemma. You don’t know whether to rejoice coz you’re enjoying your freedom and boosting your career and hanging out with friends with no restrictions and blah and blah. Or to be sad coz you aren’t married like the rest of your troop and producing babies as you cook for your husband and experience other fringe benefits of conjugal life.

I mean I had this friend in college who got married in the last year of graduation and came to give her final exam with sindoor in her hair and a mangalsutra on her neck. As she keeps uploading snaps of her baby (now about 2 years old), I can’t help feeling awkward when I realize she is my age. For that matter, even my sister-in-law is barely a year older to me, and she was married 2.5 years ago.

As my peers and juniors keep announcing their marital plans on Orkut and Facebook, I raise a toast for them and wonder when and how I will join the bandwagon. Not that I’m dying to get married. I’m just eager to begin a new life, with a soul-mate who understands me and is always there for me. And yeah, my own room to stay in… Sick of sharing my room with others…

(Not that I’ll shoo my husband out, but at least it’ll have more privacy than what I have to endure at the moment.)

Of course, I know wedded life has its own troubles. Yet, at the end of the day, you know that whoever you are fighting or celebrating with, is yours truly and shall remain so forever. Breaking up after marriage is never an option, as far as my views are concerned. This reliability is what is so attractive after marriage. Of course, it seems like shackles at odd times. Nothing’s perfect! But I think I'm ready to take the chance. And I know I shall make a wonderful life partner, a little cranky but very lovable and caring.

It's funny how my generation believes more in arranged marriages than love marriages. I mean this was the normal attitude in the 60s and 80s, but given the modernization and westernization, one would believe that love marriage would be here to stay. I guess the increasing number of failed love marriages is proving to people that life is not as lovey-dovey after the wedding as it was during the dating days. Sad, but true.

I myself have undergone a transition from the very first time I thought about marital bliss and said "arranged", then changed my views in college, and finally now I'm back on the "family knows best" bandwagon. I've realised that the men I meet are not as dependable and sweet as they seem in the first few meets, and hence, this change in perspective. At least with the family involved, one can be assured of the past and the future. The responsibility is not the couple's alone!

I'm feeling terribly empty inside, I don't know why... I checked out this site called and there are a lot of issues that are discussed here in a very sensible yet empathetic way, Check it out if anything's bothering you :-)

Or you can always turn to me.

Lonely Princess

P.S. Hey! I have not just aced the Psychology department at the Pune University, I've actually topped the entire M.A. exam!! Now how cool is that!! And another news is that Kellogg has waived my interview, which means my application has moved on to the next round. Cheerio! IF I GET ADMITTED TO KELLOGG... Man, life ban jayegi! Shall keep u updated! :-D


vishal said...

Congrats for topping,yaa..couldnt agree more wid u on shaadi waadi..but just chill n enjoy ur freedom.
I believe 1 shd get married when he or she ready rather than subjected to whims n fancies of families.After all,it is a question of our lives.
As far as im concerned,i love my freedom n space too much to take the n friends shdnt been put on the backbyrner

Parimaula said...

Be it an arranged marriage or love marriage, the three things that are needed to make a marriage successful are:

1. A good sense of humor
2. Intent to make it work
3. Forgiving spirit

Princess said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and posting your opinion. Appreciate it! :-) I completely agree with you...


ani_aset said...

wah wah topper awesome..hey you a psychology i understand the choice of topics..the topic for this post, i can relate to it completely ..going through similar emotions at the moment :D

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