Friday, November 6

Too (Bad) Timing

I can’t see my mother cry.
One, coz my eyes are full of tears.
Two, coz she’s an adorable sweetheart and the people who trouble her are jerks.

It’s ludicrous how people don’t realize and appreciate that others are going out of their way to do something for them. They believe it is their right, their privilege. They think they’re entitled to being treated well. And it’s SO infuriating!! Seriously man, such people need to be taught how to be thankful and gracious.

I feel very bad for mum. I wonder what she’ll do when she has nobody to stand up for her when I get married and move away. In the last 10 years, she sure has outgrown her timid nature, but she still acts like a helpless baby when times are tough. And I end up protecting her. No wonder I’m so blunt and fair all the time. My reputation reeks!

As if I care…

People who know me understand me and my actions. Without explanation and justification.

The rest won’t get it anyway. So why bother?!

(As if I haven't said that before...)

Anyways… I’m done with Eclipse. (350 pages in less than a week's time, not bad eh?) Quite a novella, this. I got a little bored with the ancient sagas about vampires and werewolves, but obviously they were crucial to the storyline. What really triggered my sentiments was the crazy love triangle between Edward-Bella-Jacob, further complicated by the fact that Isabella loves both, the vampire as well as the werewolf. And of course, both of them are adorable and worthy, that the reader can’t help but feel sorry for the one who Bella rescinds.

Poor Jacob Black.

Poor, poor Jacob Black.

The final epilogue describes his reaction and feelings when Bella plans to marry darling Eddie and become a vampire, bidding goodbye to her human life.

I identified with the story too easily for my own liking. I know how it is to love two people at the same time. Not in the same capacity, to the same degree, but similar nevertheless. And having to choose, is as bad as having to decide between losing your hand versus losing your leg. You need both, don’t you?

Well, I do…

Yet sometimes you really can’t have both. And you end up hurting one individual who means the world to you. The one you hurt more is yourself. Coz no matter what/who you choose, you feel sad, guilty and defeated.

However, now I've understood that one is better off opting for the option that is sensible, even if it may not be the most exciting.

Life isn’t rocking all the time, na?

Well, the timing for one thing is perfect - that's the release of Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. The movie hits theatres today, and I am very eager to see it. Katrina and Ranbir make a very attractive couple, and I'm sure fireworks will fly...

And hey, there's another piece of good news - I've won 3 prizes at the Pune University M.A. level for scoring the highest marks in Psychology. It's not much, about 750 Rupees, but what matters more to me is the (non-existent) certificate. I'd been waiting for this (without hope, actually, coz I was told there's no such recognition) and here it finally comes. Der aaye durust aaye... Will have to preserve the letters as proof. Cheers anyway!

Oooohhh... and Roadies is beginning this Sunday 7 pm... Wild Africa is the location. Sighhhh... Rannvijay man!!!

Lonely Princess

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