Tuesday, November 10

No Demand, No Complaint

I’ve found the mantra for a peaceful and cheerful life – no demands, no complaints.

Guess where I stumbled upon this wisdom? In Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

I sincerely think I should stop getting excited about Bollywood movies and expecting too much from them. I manage to get disappointed when people around me find the movie “good”, “nice”, even “wonderful”.

I mean anybody would think that the brilliant Rajkumar Santoshi, with movies like Andaz Apna Apna, Damini, Ghayal, Ghatak and China Gate behind him, would come up with something extraordinary. What he’s whipped up this time falls short of spectacular by just about a 100 light years.

The music certainly is good; I’ve been humming “prem ki naiya hai Raam ke bharose, apni bhi naiya ko paar tu laga de” and “tera hona lage hoon, jab se mila hoon” all day… But, is that enough? The plot is really stale and it is only the beautiful Katz and adorable Ranz (whatever) that make the movie watch-worthy.

Interested in the story anyway? OK. Ranbir is a happy-go-lucky chap, an uneducated fellow who believes in enjoying life and making others smile. He meets Katrina and instantly falls in love with her. He tries to patao her, but she mistakes this as pure friendship and mentally romances her high-class boyfriend Upen Patel (as dim-witted as usual). Obviously, the brainless brawny hunk cannot marry her without causing trouble as his dad is a politician and fears losing Hindu votes if he welcomes a Christian bride. Our hero selflessly plays matchmaker and tries to unite the loving couple. All to no avail, coz Katz realizes (finally) how much the seedha-sadha Ranbir loves her. And then it’s living happily ever after.

The climax is typical Andaz Apna Apna style, where the audience is tickled by the crazy antics of a don and the different characters that make up the plot. That don’t impress me much, and I am giving this movie a 6 on 10. Not a must watch, good for a dekko on the lappie.

No wonder, I’m eagerly awaiting (and crossing my fingers) for 2012 and New Moon that are releasing next week. And of course, 3 Idiots by the inimitable Amir Khan. Hits screens December 25.

Oh by the way, India has lost the series, a very pitiable and disgusting defeat if I may add... Kudos to the Australian team! How I wish racism hadn't marred the country's image...

Well, we're racist in India as well, and what's worse towards our own countrymen! The MNS hooligans created ruckus when an MLA took his oath in Hindi. Isn't that supposed to be our national language?!! Sickly, stupid people...

Catch ya later!


Vinay said...

That Hindi is our national language is a myth. The Indian Constitution has not conferred the status of national language on Hindi or English or any other language. The 17 languages (that you see on the currency notes) are official languages of the nation, but the business of each house should either be conducted in the official language of the state or English. These are the rules!

Princess said...

I appreciate your views, Vinay. However, there needs to be some decorum, right? I mean we're not called the world's biggest democracy for nothing! And as far as I know, the oath can even be taken in the person's own mothertongue let alone any official language.

Thanks for commenting :-)


Unknown said...

i appreciate your article but in our country we use totally english to do everything but our national language is hindi...so sad
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Parimaula said...

Very colorful - the color of your blog :) liked the color combination.

Princess said...

Thanks, Parimaula! Sweet of you to comment :-) Do visit again!!


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