Monday, June 15

Indian People, Australian Beer

Hello buddies,

Told you I’d write about the Fosters party I went to on Sunday. And you know how conscientiously I keep my promises…

So, it happened like this. I am a member of Indiblogger which is a website dedicated to bloggers of Indian origin. I received an email from them saying that I was invited to a fun afternoon with the theme “Art of Chilling” arranged by Fosters at Blue – Club Solaris in Koregaon Park (the swanky poolside next to Hard Rock Café in the Pyramid lawns campus). There would be free food and lotsa beer, possibly a few celebrities and rocking music. Having nothing to lose, and a new experience in the offing, I found no reason to say no, and off I went with a friend in tow. If Fosters needs some publicity, then I’m happy to help!!

Now leme be honest, the scene looked gloomy when I entered. I was among the first few guests to arrive, and I was mentally making plans to pack up in an hour. A few firang ladies dancing and swimming in the pool provided some entertainment, and the barbecued meat and chilled beer kept us good company. And when I'd had enough of the blaring music, the party kicked off... Dhinchaak dhinchak dhinnn

Lord!! People can have FUN!! I so wish I was like them, spontaneous and care-a-damn… More than a few folks got into the pool with all their clothes on, while others had come prepared with their trunks and towels. The water looked tremendously inviting, and I promised myself afresh to learn swimming soon. The fun really got to me, and as I munched on barbecued chicken, paneer and prawns (I’m allergic to mutton, and I hate the smell of fish), I sat back on my strategically placed wicker chair and relaxed. I'm sure the pure veggies would have been disappointed coz of the limited fare, but nobody seemed to be compaining.

Much to my chagrin, disappointment and annoyance, not all stuff was free. Read ICECREAM... I wanted to strangle the firang kudi who was having the time of her life relishing a chocobar that was being sold to us lesser mortals for 100 bucks... Talk about discrimination!!
(I vowed to catch one myself on my way home, and I made good on my promise. For 20 bucks, and not a dime more!!)

So, basically, the youngsters were having a gala time with their gangs. The gori mems served everyone chilled beer and merrily posed for pictures. The exuberant atmosphere was infectious, and not one single soul I saw was feeling out of place - be it the kids who were bouncing in the kiddies pool, or a sardarji eyeing and enjoying the sight of a dozen+ beer cans on our "public" table... A woman who kept doing the same fu**ing dance step for over 2 hours bang in front of me, and another who kept rushing to the poolside to pass on towels to her involuntarily-thrown-in-friends... It was a crazy collection!!

I could hear peals of disappointment when the DJs (Tally, and I think Lokesh) said that it was time to wrap up... But hey, all's well that ends well, right?

By the way, I never realised if there were any celebrities. Everybody looked like one... LOL.

Great party guys! Thanks Fosters and Indiblogger... And keep these events going...

(And inviting me, of course!!!)

Raise a toast!! And then get fish like a drunk :-D

Princess aka Anuja

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