Tuesday, July 1

Shantaram III

Gues who's bac, guess who's bac...
Some miscellaneous lines dis time from Shanty boy... Oh dat reminds me! Johny boy (d stud John Abraham, who else?!!!) is d mascot for Euro 2008 n Spain has won it aftr 44 yrs... Gud eh?!

Bac to Shantaram
: Food for thought…
- Sum folks live like each act a performance. I think I belong to dis category ;-) an in-built Leo mechanism I’d say… - Some people hav d power to make u feel smthin, and that’s y they make a difference in ur life…
- Kids r innocent and yet dangerous coz of their innocence. They know how to get things done and dnt stop until they hav their way.
- Smokers smoke coz they want to die at least as much as they want to live… (I can see those of u who smoke (or used to) grinning in sarcasm or contempt, bt if u delve deeper, m sure u’d agree to a sense of frustration, depression and desperation… no offence meant!)
- Fate’s way of beatin us in a fair fite is to give us warnings we hear bt dnt heed.
- Courage is nothing but bein well-prepared, and cowardice is often just another way to say that you are taken by surprise. My tuppence - You ought to forgive yourself, and not carry your regrets with you. They will weigh you down, sooner or later, the burden is just so great… Learn to pardon urself if u wish to grow.
- Cruelty is a kind of cowardice. Cruel laughter is how a coward cries in public, and causing pain is how he grieves… I can say dat frm personal experience… Cowards I kno r sick ppl coz they believe by teasin odrs n insultin/humiliatin thm, they reach a notch higher… sad!
- Now dis’s amazing, we all kno it, yet v nevr connectd it dis way. Hats off for dis GDR! How did d human race evolve? Yeah yeah, apes n all dat. But whr did it all start? It goes bac to water. V came frm d water… Whr does a baby come frm? D mother’s womb, dat contains water… Whn v gro up, wat do we cry or sweat? Water. We all carry miniature oceans in each o us… Cool eh?!
- Hate kills you if you cant let it go. How true… the object of ur hate isn’t botherd most o d time, bt the person who hates dies evry second… thru physical meetin or mental remembrance…
- In life, fate shows us wat v cud, and shudnt let ourselves bcum… V meet d drunkard, d waster, d betrayer, d glutton, d selfish n d revengeful… V find ourselves luvin or pityin these ppl. And thn, its imposs to hate thm! U cant despise who u pity n cant shun those u luv.
- Black markets flourish whn greed meets control… If there is no control on greed, or ideally speaking, if there is no greed, thr wil b no black markets! A simple eg to a layman like me : wat hapns whn d blockbuster u yearnin to see 1st day 1st show is houseful? U approach d “black karnewale” folks… right? Bingo…
- What is the difference between people who fight to take a life for fun or people who fight to save a life? When the former starts losing, his reason to kill dwindles, he is sapped of energy, and he wants to end the fight. When the latter starts losing, he gets even more energy to continue the fight. Men reveal wat they think whn they luk away n reveal wat they feel whn they hesitate… With women, its d odr way round… Exquisite observation!!
- How do u decide wat action is gud or evil? Ask urself 2 Qs; Q1. How wud it b if evry1 did it? Q2. Wud it help or hinder growth and devpt?

Well, I’l leave u at dat… Too much broth spoils d cook ;-)
Sad joke… Time out!

Keep smiling,

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'Sandrit' said...

What helps us survive?
Dear Anuja,
B) Money is: up there with oxygen
C) To know and not to do is not to know...TRUE KNOWLEDGE ARISES FROM WISDOM, WISDOM IS gained most often by DEFAULT (we humans can't seem to help ourselves, we've always got to try our way first, only when we learn our ways are futile, do we GAIN WISDOM
D) Practical sense (otherwise referred to as 'common sense' isn't all that common...quite a misnomer really...I'll call it 'uncommon sense' instead)...Frankly, I see very little difference between WISDOM and 'UNCOMMON SENSE'...for so many of us just keep making the same life choices over and over, expecting things to 'change' or 'get better'...We're all pretty silly creatures really...
E) Something else....YES (from where I stand, this IS WHAT HELPS US SURVIVE...And that something else would be, when we do not know where to turn, or what to do:
#1 Psalms 46:10 Be still, and know that I [am] God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!
#2 Psalms 4:4 Be angry, and do not sin. Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still. Selah
#3 Mark 4:39 Then He (Christ Jesus) arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, "Peace, be still!" And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.
With love from a friend to friends
Stephanie T <'Sandrit'> :)

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