Thursday, June 26

Portentous Bliss

Blessed r d ppl who cry
They hav tears dat cooperate,
Sum1 I know bleeds wid pain
Yet cant vent d hurt inflictd by fate…

To b weak is a strength
Dat softens minds wicked,
D wise and mature suffer
For not bein dumb and crooked.

She’s lonely in crowd
Her joys wrapd in a shroud,
She sings herself to sleep
And her day ends wid a tearless weep…

“Happy? Of curz m happy!”
She nods her head and squeals;
But ask her deep inside,
How content she feels…

A shrug and silent sigh
Betray her depresin unrest,
D very folks she lives for,
Are those dat hurt her best.

“Where do I err?” she murmurs
“Where am I so wrong?”
Days tumble into each other,
As she wonders all night long.

Each second she yearns for luv,
Each second she grows desperate;
Blessed r d ppl who cry
They hav tears dat cooperate…
- Lonely Princess


Vinod Rajagopal said...

interesting poetry...! we share the same birthdate..! 23 July...

Raj Madhuram said...

some kind of sms poetry? interesting nevertheless :)

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