Wednesday, June 4

About people and peace

Hows it goin buddies?! I’m havin a gr8 time, relaxin n workin for myself… N bloggin whnever I can! My MA result’s out; I got an O (outstanding) grade wid GPA 5.94 / 6. Evrybdy’s congratulatin bt m nt too plsd… I kno m greedy, but I was hopin to bag 16 O’s outa 16, a perfect score… I got 15, a measly Org. Behvr paper ruined my goal… Anyways studies over for gud, so party time folks!!

I’m goin to office and jus spndin time these days. Was chatting with a German colleague d odr day, and I cudn’t help noticing whn he said that we as Indians r an unprofessional lot. Punctuality is a crime, and we dont adhere to times and timetables. We stand people up without informing them in advance. And if (fortunately or unfortunately) we turn up, we cant muster the etiquette to say sorry or give any reasons for our absence/late-coming. Teachers are to be respectd, nevr to b Qed and that’s it. He was irritated coz his partner’s takin dance lessons in d city, and most dance teachers are lazy and not as competent or cooperative as their foreign counterparts. I completely agree; havent we all seen wat happens whn we want a form in college, or submit applications at Govt offices or pay bills or ask for leave at work? We are too bureaucratic and rigid in nature; we focus on the means rather dan d ends, and d means become d ends in themselves… Hope we learn to c beyond wats ez n effortless…

Maybe I’ve bcum mo observant, or mebe I’v go nuthin to do these days! English language classes are mushroomin in evry nook n lane! Evry colony and street boasts of having a Spoken English and communication class. Funny, scary, amazing but tru! Where do they get their students from, and how much quality do they deliver? Job placements and a million promises, Lord knows!

You know, thrs a slum rite in d heart of the city, to b exact between FC Road and Model colony. Thanks to it, I never miss my native place much! The villages and the small streets, animals wanderin on the road, kids playin with tops, bats and marbles and people acting like mules in the centre of the street unaffected by the blaring of vehicle horns around them! My aunt says each time she passes there, she sees someone brushing their teeth, whatever the time of the day! I haven’t had d outstandin luck to view this occurrence (maybe I shud go there at strategic points of the day and observe more closely)…

The heat is terrible. It stings and burns! However the sudden rains last week and this week were amazing. I went to listen to a Bhagwat Katha this week at my mum’s insistence and tho I dint find d sermon too intrstg, I was mo dan intrstd in my fav topic – ppl and behavior. I luv to observe and undstd, ask Qs and laugh… Have u seen how un-self-conscious kids r whn they’ playin?! Nuthin n no1 can bother thm, and they dnt need any1 or anything. Like dis cute lil gal wid her mum and sis. She sat thru d ordeal for an hour or more and then restlessness got d betr o her. She got up n started runnin full speed down d aisle tchin d trees on either side of d path … And she was SO happy! Happier dan her mum who was probably thr to show d world she had come to listen about God and his deeds and teachings… Thr was dis odr woman who was noddin away to glory and d minute ppl laughd or clappd she was shaken outa her reverie and she behavd as if nuthin was amiss, and clapd/laughd jus as hard as d rest… He he… people!!

Anyway, I found one story very intrstg and profound – thr was a vulture wid a piece of meat in its beak. As it was flyin, several odr birds startd following it and threatenin n hittin it for d meat. D bird let go of d food. Why? Peace of mind is gr8er dan anything else… It’s betr to sacrifice wat u temporarily want, dan b shunted and hunted and hurt (physically/mentally) by others… In other words, watver’s causin u trouble, jus let go of it… No use carryin on wid sumthin dat hurts…

Will be bac sooner dis time… M reading a book n finding it very fascinating… If u’d like, I can share sum o d thins I read wid u… Leme know!

Lonely Princess

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sumant said...

Congrats for the wonderful results.....u r the best...Nice post...keep writing

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