Monday, October 15

All in rhyme...

Hey ppl,
Here's a poem this time. Written by yours truly ;-)
Leme kno how u find it, n any memories or emotions associated wid it...
Always here to lend an ear n a shoulder ;-)

It’s been ages since v met,
My body yearns for your touch;
Oh my darlin sweetheart,
I love u so much…

I gave all I had to u,
Surrendered myself in your arms,
I ain’t so firm and strong,
To resist your magical charms.

But tell me have I not suffered,
For the months and years gone past;
When you ignored and took me for granted,
And all I wanted came last…

I tried my best to keep mum,
And vent my sorrows as tears,
But when things only got worse,
The pain stung like pointed shears.

I could take no more,
All my efforts were a waste;
We broke up a million times,
And each time made up in haste.

I guess I’m strong enough now,
And I know I deserve better;
I must give life and joy a second chance,
Or I’ll do nothing but regret later…

It ain’t easy my love,
Though I’m trying to move on,
I still weep when I’m lonely,
And remember you from dusk to dawn.

If only we’d been wiser,
And respected the precious bond we shared;
I’m sure it would have been the best thing in the world,
But unfortunately, we never cared…

So when you stumble upon it next,
Give it a tender caress, not a shove;
I wish you luck and laughter,
And hope you now know the value of love…


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