Monday, October 8

Busy Bee...Me!!!!


Its been ages and ages, and I’ve been waitin to get bac to you all!!! Jus been verrrrrrrrry bz. My days r tumbling into each other wid hardly a moment to spare. MA’s taking its toll – wat wid d innumerable assignments our profs expect us to deliver in record time, and to top it, we have tuts (class tests which r considered internal assessment and marks added into final score) evry other day. Alongwid dat, I’ve had pracs. As if searching for a “subject” wasn’t tough enuf, I also had to write a report for evry (practically meaningless) expt v conductd…

However, the assignments were quite interesting, I mus say. An assignment declared by my ex-crush professor (he’s gone mad after he got married this yr) was to write a blueprint for a workshop that can be conductd in an industry, bzness school or any other organization. Naturally, it was our industrial psych project. I chose the topic creativity (after he rejectd memory improvement). Multiple hours of net-surfing and goin thru bks, sorting n assembling info, putting it together coherently and making it luk professional and conduct-able certainly made me wiser (and hopefully mo creative, tho I haven’t had d chance to verify dat yet!) It has also given me the confidence to actually conduct a workshop somewhr, as I hav d material ready.

The other assignment was for my social psych paper. We wer told to conduct a survey to check attitudes of ppl towards different topics/objects. My brilliant classmates came up with a variety of ideas – attitude towards physical attractiveness, IT industry, gender bias at work, sex education in schools, etc. Me n a gud fren conducted our survey on attitude towards caste reservations. I rememberd d medical students’ protests sometime ago against quotas and seat allotments to reservd caste candidates. SO, I thot it wud make a gud study to find out how (at least some, if nt too many) ppl feel abt dis provision. My fren agreed, n v got down to bzness pretty late, coz of our other comitmnts, tuts n stuff. Once v startd, we did quite a gud job outa it (if I may say so!). V chose a sample of 60 (which might seem small), but it was still a mammoth task to design a reasonably decent questionnaire, administer it to ppl, score the responses, n finally infer a number of things from those responses, complete wid technical language and pie-charts n d works. It gave us a practical feel of all the theory v hav struggled wid so far, and completing it was a real achievement; boostd our ego n self-worth! (v nevr thot v’d personally use factorial designs n stats ever in our lives! N doin all those calculations correctly was a great feeling). V haven’t got any marks or comments on it yet, so v’r still awaitin an evaluation… wid TREMENDOUS hope in our hearts!!!

It might have been ez-er to cope wid all of d above had all been well at home. My mum had some problem, and it was quite accidentally that v discovered she had acute appendicitis. The doc recommended an urgent operation, n d surgery n post-op meant dat she had to spend a lil less dan a week at d hospital. Luckily, bhabi was on leave, so v cud work out her meals n d housework together, otherwise I duno how I’d hav managd…More than d work, it was real tough to see her writhing wid pain whn d docs n nurses wer injectin her wid god knows wat, all day long… Thr was nuthin I cud do to alleviate the pain, I felt so helpless :-( However, its gud d surgery hapd b4 sumthin went terribly wrong. She’s home now, not quite fit as a fiddle, but certainly smiling (dat itself makes my day) AND she’s doin d housework inspite of everybody threatenin n scarin her in all ways possible… (GOD! these women JUS DON’T listen.) … (I belong to d same bandwagon, so cant say more! I aint less stubborn, headstrong or egoistic to make tall claims!)

There’s a pc of extremely bad news, too… my great-grandma expired yday. She was almost 90 n has been quite ill for a few yrs now… wid nobody to really care for her in Jabalpur (MP), her last few mths n yrs weren’t very happy, I’m afraid. My mum was very close to her; having spent her childhood n youth wid her grandma, she shared mo of a mom-beti relation wid her. At this instant, my mum’s traveling to Jbp, and she was in a terrible state all day yday. I was scared for her, her stitches haven’t healed completely n I hope she keeps a hold on herself whn she sees all her (grand)mum’s room n possessions. If it wernt for my tuts n submissions, I wud’v gone wid her, not really for my grandma, but for my mum… I jus cant c her cry…

Such is life… Ppl come, ppl go away, wats left r memories… which fade away not in a matter of mths, but barely in a few days, n its bac to bzness again… life dsnt stop for anyone, or widout anyone… Nobody is indispensable…

Well, other dan dat, my job’s been as usual. Oh ya, our office premises hav chngd… n tho d new one isn’t as grand and impressive as d earlier one, its still pretty gud… A lil farther dan d last one, but then again, wats a few kms in Pune… Hav been doin courses bac2bac for the last 2 mths… n its been fun… completed a 1B, thn started a 2A, and whn d 1st ended, again a 1B. Due to some complications, no place was avlbl for d class, so I also took my batches in ICC on SB Rd (which was gr8 as I cud leave merely 15 mins b4 clas actually starts!) M thoroughly enjoyin d 2A batch… d students r a mixd bag, each has his/her own strengths n weaknesses, but overall, its a real challenge! They r a bubbly enthu lot, wid loads of ideas n quite a few expectations wrt d course… I have to be alert to tackle all their Qs n errors, both of which r innumerable. They r 5 in all (there wer 6 but 1 dropd out coz of sum reasons), n I luk fwd to evry Mon Wed n Fri whn I can c them…. M really gona miss thm after their course ends on d 22nd of this mth. But I hope they stay in touch… They’re amazing ppl… Probably one of d courses I’v enjoyd d most till date!

D 1B has jus started so I cant say much. The all-guy gang were not very comfy at first, but I think they’re settling down gradually wid eachoder n the inlingua method… fingers crosd!!!

Oh ya, two lovely observations!!! Its great to c so many honest, dedicated n professional policemen near the univ main gate flyover! Aint it amazing dat hordes of ppl, young and old, cower under the authority of these khaki-clad folks n obey their orders! I jus luv it… re-instills my faith in d power of law n law-protectors, who uptil now I’v only considerd as bribe-seekers n work-shirkers. Of curz, some smart-asses alwes try to display their non-existent smartness by trying to jump signals or crossin d line marked out as a “lakshman-rekha”, which results in a few annoyed and annoying honks n a policeman very impressively makin his way to the smartass n takin him under his wing… All very amusing, but not so much so, when m in a hurry to get to my dept in d univ. Wud like to keep goin on n on abt my experiences on d roads of Pune, but lets keep dat for another day! M sure ur bored of reading this “RAMAYAN”!!!

Oh ya, I almost forgot – I mentioned 2 observations; the other one is a lot of luvly birds hover around my house these days. They r quite darin n venture rite upto our balconies n windows – birds of all colors n shapes, all voices n attitudes! I cud sit all day watchin thm n their antics…

Awrite now, for those who'v managd to sit thru dis entire KJo-style-never-endin-saga, thanks... Hope2b bac soon frens… Till thn, tc n keep rockin!!!


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