Thursday, January 30

Author Update!

Hello Dear Friends,

Trust you are doing well. 

For all of you who voted for me and helped me reach the magic number of 100 likes, a BIG THANK YOU and Muuuaaaaahhh!! Let’s see who wins this blogging contest. The Blogadda event is happening on Feb 9 in Courtyard Marriott Mumbai. May or may not go, but surely hope to be called out… Fingers crossed!! (

Things are in full swing at work and home. I am a woman at peace. There are regular visits to the parents and in-laws, and the social circle is also well connected. Having completed over 3 months at Hitachi, I have built a strong network and fan following :-) All in all, life’s good. Our new home is shaping up brilliantly, will share pictures soon!! Can't wait to move in, but doesn't seem to be any sooner than March, even April...

MTV Roadies is on, thank goodness. My evening life was pretty dull give that both Masterchef Australia and Bigg Boss ended, leaving the 9 pm TV slot lifeless and lonely. Unfortunately, it clashes with Koffee with Karan at 7 pm (Star World). Karan’s behavior and questions remain silly and the same but the guests this time round are witty and spirited. Garners more than a few laughs, for sure. Other than that, it’s Comedy with Kapil, which is getting to be mighty boring and predictable. Even the celebrities and hosts have lost their magic.

You must be wondering why I have not written anything about the Republic Day. Didn’t feel like it, did not even wish anyone. In fact, if we are connected on Facebook, you may have read my (controversial) post where I said that there is nothing happy about the Republic Day and I am not proud to be Indian. This was shared in view of the news that has really shaken me in the past few months – rapes, politics, corruption, crime, poverty, invasions, price hike and the list does not end here. Heaps of my contacts ventured opinions about how my post was wrong and I was thankless for everything the country has given me, including freedom of expression.  All of them aimed to change my mind and (maybe) show how patriotic and sincere they were. My thoughts remain unchanged despite my total respect for the army and intelligentsia of India. That the country is my alma mater is true, but I am fulfilling my duties towards my nation and countrymen as well. What we have is hope and what we need are good leaders. Without the two, we are spiraling downward and no amount of ranting is going to change that.  

I watched Jai Ho first day last show (just like old times!) and while the film was nothing to rave about, Salman sure has me captivated. What presence! The moment he comes on the screen, you know some hungama is about to happen. The ‘help 3 people’ dialogue made me groan the 100th time it was uttered on screen, and I wonder if this thought is really going to go viral in this corrupt and selfish world. Anyway, good effort and pretty decent acting. The actress Daisy Shah is a buffalo in disguise, and a dancing one at that. So, since they could not expose her assets too much, they ensured they made her dance every time she was shot. The “Naina” track is catchy and Salman has danced (surprisingly) well in the songs. I loved the chemistry between Tabu and Sallu (siblings) but the kiddo stole the show – what marvelous acting, what pluck, adorable!! Even though the movie hasn’t done the usual 100 crore feat at the box office, that all dud productions are achieving with amazing ease… One time watch for sure.

Been ages since I went clubbing coz hubby despises crowds and does not dance. (He did not even shake a leg on our wedding day, so I assure you he won’t move that booty no matter how much you request or command!) I have not been to Kue Bar (Westin) or the Penthouze, and it kills me :-( The disco star of yesteryear, my funky college time masti is long gone. How I wish I could go partying…

But well, does not mean I am not having fun. Shopping at Phoenix (so many sales!) and regular hoteling is full on (Chang in Viman Nagar is our new Chinese hangout – yummy food and great quantity). My husband also took me to the Japanese garden (better known as Pu La Garden) to show me some colourful fountains that multiple people had been praising no end. Adlabs Imagica is also on the cards, what with my nephew and hubby’s birthday round the corner as well as bro-sis in law’s anniversary. Too much kharcha, I tell you! All the tax saving efforts paying off – hope you have declared your proofs at work!  

And on that note, asta la vista fellas!



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